Reality in Photos with a 3 Year Old

On October 7, 2015 by Sarah

It seems harder and harder to get a quality photo these days.  Max wants to say “cheese” with seriously clenched teeth leading to half of a fake looking smile.  And that’s when he’s on board to “smile.”  Or stand in the same room, even.  We must be saying “look at the camera” in a foreign language (because he looks anywhere but there), plus the kid CANNOT stop moving.  #toddlerproblems

I am in a place in this pregnancy where I am unable to sugarcoat.  I just wanna keep it real.  So, please enjoy these “real” vs. “that’ll do” photos sets.  (If I knew how to put them side by side, I sure would!)





Max and I REALLY have it together!  Y’all know me and my closed eyes history.

I may make this a regular thing, a “series” if you will, because BOY do we have more outtakes than keepers ’round these parts.

I refuse to take myself too seriously, and…


Thanks Mom, Dad, and Scott for being good sports!


Please share your helpful tips!  Hershey Bar bribery works for us occasionally!

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