Monthly Photos – Finally!

10 Sep

So, much to my husband’s dismay – each month I forced him to join me in taking pictures of Max to document his growth.  It was usually at the end of the day and it usually didn’t go very well.  At first, we were took them perfectly on the 30th of the month.  and then?  nosomuch.

We took pics next to a chalkboard with the number of the month written on it. We also took pictures with red balloons.  The number of balloons reflected the number of months my main man Max had turned.  THEN (to top it all off) we recorded the little booger, all grumpy and mad by then.  It was awesome!

Seriously though, NO regrets.  One million monkey sounds and Where Is Thumpkins later, look at the growth of my little bubbas (click picture to enlarge).

Max - Chalkboard Collage

Ugh – heart exploding!

It wouldn’t be right if I didn’t include any outtakes, though…because dude, there were some.





Kid is SO funny!

I couldn’t figure out how to make a collage out of the balloon pics, since they are vertical instead of horizontal.  #technologysaywhat?  Here’s a taste…


Cutie pants – 11 months.

Aw well – I’ll figure it out eventually!


Moral of the story?  As annoying as the monthly photo may be to take, DOOOOOO ITTTTT!  You will not regret it.  These photos are so special to me ♥  I smell a photo book in our future!





p.s. A little math for you…1 balloon = $1.15. Twelve months of the correct number of balloons (plus one month’s fail = purchasing balloons twice) = a grand total of lemme get out my calculator $97.75.  Wowzers!  Don’t tell the husband, ladies…


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Food AllerGEEZ

1 Sep

This Mom thing is not for the faint of heart.

I mean, it’s the absolute best thing in the whole entire world…like, furreal…HEART=BURSTING.


But, shoot – it sure is a tester.  It tests your self-confidence and patience, your decision-making skills…the meat and potatoes of who you are.

In those first days of being a parent, your main goal is to keep that adorably squishy human alive. What I’ve learned, 13 months later, is that aforementioned main goal remains numero uno every second of every day. I thought maybe the what-if Betty would quiet her sassy self down a few months along, but what-the-crap…NO.

The fear of something being wrong with your child’s health is the scariest feeling imaginable. We, as parents, are 100% responsible for this precious life provided absolutely no training. How I landed this job, I have no idea. My resume? Mediocre, at best. My desire and effort? Well they definitely count for something!

What I’m trying to say is that Max may or may not be allergic to eggs AND peanut butter (and therefore possibly nuts, altogether).  Effing effen effer.




So yeah.

Thankfully, the reaction to a bite of scrambled eggs and a smear smaller than a dime of peanut butter (on two separate and far apart occasions) was immediate itching, a red blotchy mess of a face (and neck), and a confused and irritable little boy. I say “thankfully” because my son’s throat did not close up and therefore my s*it was left somewhat intact. Thank God for Benedryl, of which I immediately provided on both occasions.

Sweet baby Jesus, though – let it be a fluke. YES, Scott and I have allergies (a few quirky ones of the food variety included on my end) and YES, we both have mild asthma. We do realize Max may not get outta those zones entirely unscathed. However, no – please just…no.

The doc recommends keeping eggs and nuts out of little man’s diet until we have him skin allergy tested. Max screams when his Dr. breaths on him. I’m not sure we’re ready for needles in the back just yet.

And then Dr. Google struck again, causing me to leave his office confused as hell. Introduce peanuts early! Wait until your child is 2! No, wait – 3, I meant 3! Get ‘em allergy tested early! Allergy testing is not reliable until they’re 3! Oh madone…Dr. Google, you suck.



No matter what I read, my Mommy gut tells me (and trust me, there’s some residual!) that we may all be overreacting. Max itched often at mealtime while trying new foods from week to week. I’m afraid that keeping him AWAY from those foods might create an allergy or make one he may already have more severe. THIS is where parenthood gets tricky, folks.

I know that food allerGEEZ are not the end of the world, but holy inconvenience and worry! I also know we are blessed and that we should be thankful for potential health difficulties that are manageable. Please know that we are. That aside, we just want our little baby to have a PB&J for lunch someday.




Veteran parents – thoughts? ideas? strong drink recipes?  Mama is nervous about this one…




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Balloons at the Beach

20 Aug

Dudes – the beach is windy.

But windy hair outtakes are a post for another day.  (Remember my eye blinking post?  One of my best most embarrassing!)

So turning the big oh-one definitely calls for a photo shoot.  About a week after the little man’s 1st birthday, we threw a bunch of props, snacks, and outfits into the car and got our behinds to the beach to cheese it up.  Our original plan was to have the photos taken at Station 12 on Sullivan’s Island, an awesome spot for pics and sunsets.  But, the INCREDIBLY HIGH tide forced us into Plan B.  We quickly decided on Station 30 and it was perfect!

The very sweet and talented Jan Tyler took these photos for us and we couldn’t be more thrilled.  Thank you, Jan!!!  Capturing our little man 6 short days before he really figured out the whole walking independently thing is truly like catching a memory in box.  We luckily get to keep this box forever.

Now onto figuring out how to wrangle a walking baby at the beach.  Hmm!

We are so happy that you were appropriately captured in your scrunchy nose phase.  OH and that hair – the swoop that needs encouragement to stay swooped.  LOVE!  Mommy is sorry for all of the outfit changes, but LOOK AT HOW CUTE YOU ARE!!!  Eating your favorite snacks (puffs and goldfish) definitely kept you happy during this shoot.  Playing “Pump up the Jam” on your favorite little car kept you dancing (one of your favorite things to do!), even when you were fussing about the dry sand on your feet.  And speaking of sand, you find it absolutely delicious.  The taste and texture are apparently your jam.  Just one question…where does it go?  ’Cause Mama has yet to find a trace in your diaper like all her Mama friends said that she would.  Anyway, thank you for humoring us by smiling every once in a while despite your crazy parents’ repetitive monkey noise attempts and funny face-making.  Yes, we are complete lunatics and no, it will never stop.  You sure know how to keep us humble.  But for reals – YOU ARE THE BEST!  We love you to a million heart-shaped pieces and hope to make this an annual photo shoot event!  Beach, balloons, wind – all of it!

















p.s. The 12-months-of-balloons has concluded and BOY is my husband happy!!! A post with all 12 months someday soon.  Oh, who I am kidding?  Soon could mean before this little man turns TWO!




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Summer – A Big Birthday and Beyond

12 Aug

I’m really not sure how it’s happening, but it is.  Days, weeks, and months are flying by.  Our little man is growing up, my gray hairs are taking a major stand, and Scott and I have been married over 5 years.  Sheesh.

Did I mention that I have a ONE YEAR OLD?  Goodness me.


We had an AWESOME summer!  I know that it’s not over via the calendar or the position of the sun or whatever, but my summer vacation from work IS – so womp, womp…tear, tear – it’s over for me, my friends!

Here’s a taste of summer to catch you up…through pictures, of course!

After a couple of weeks of catching up on sleep and a quick ::read-HOT:: trip to Charles Towne Landing


Scott and I made our way to Seabrook Island for the first time.  This was our very first overnight (two nights!) away from Max.  It was a mini-anniversary celebration and it was just lovely.

I thank the 45-minute drive for forcing me to get my ridiculously sobbing self together.

Think: gated community, half a mile from the beach/beach club, on a golf course, etc. etc.  After two nights, my parents and Max met up with us for a couple of days (rejoice!) and then we had a couple of Family O’ 3 days.

Dear Seabrook, You surely deserve your own post.  Just know that we are BIG FANS and can’t wait to visit your sweet self again soon!

Check it out…


Haha, that face kills me! 


That’s more like it!IMG_7219






Kid is obsessed with eating sand!






LOVE my little family ♥


Oof, I’m exhausted.  (Did I mention I’m back to work?)  Stay tuned for a recap of 3 weeks in NY, including a BIG birthday party for one special little boy!







p.s. What’s new with everyone?  Any new vacation spot discoveries?  Dudes – check.out.Seabrook!



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Airplanes or…Mustaches?

23 Jun

So da Boo Boo’s first birthday is just around the corner.


Tears just from typing that.



5 days old vs. 324 days old!

Anyway, you know that I have to theme up his big party.

It’s a sickness.  Themes.

Know what else is a sickness?  Pinterest. 



With less than a month away from the party, I’m starting to panic.  I have boards pinned, materials purchased, and ideas a-flowin’.  This seems to be my life lately.  Lots of ideas and #FAIL on the follow through.  (Ask my husband how many lists I keep talking about writing.  I need to write a list of the lists that I need to write!)

Time is running short.  But hey, at least someone is running.

The theme has long been chosen, though.  “Time Flies”  Cause shoot, doesn’t it?!  Max isn’t even your kid and YOU can’t believe his oldness!

With the theme will come mostly airplanes, with a few hot air balloons, kites, and helicopters thrown in as decor, crafts for the kids, and labeling inspiration.  You’d think it would be easy to find these items at craft stores.  Ya know – airplanes and kids.  Classic theme, right?   Yeah.  Dead.Wrong.  You know what IS easy to find as a kid’s party theme?  MUSTACHES.



I’m sorry.  I never understood the whole mustache craze.  Especially for kids.  I don’t get it.  I just don’t.

Please – EXPLAIN IT TO ME!  Enlighten me.  Sell me on facial hair as cute for kids.  For a kid’s birthday party theme, nonetheless.  I mean, lip hair is sooooo cute – right?!


One thing I cannot deny is a mustache pacifier.  I mean, Max does NOT have one.  But listen, I do still have a uterus.

I found this website, complete with a blog about babies and mustaches (what? talk about a niche!).  But seriously, these ARE cute.



Max still isn’t getting one.

And for the record – I don’t get the mustache phenomenon for adults either.  (Other than for Movember.)  There, I said it!

In answering my own question – AIRPLANES over mustaches!!!


First birthday party tips, suggestions, must-dos, do-not-forgets?  Awesome “Time Flies” ideas that you HAVE to share?

First birthday.  [Ridiculously pathetic sigh.]  Excuse me while I dry my tears…again.




p.s. Hobby Lobby – I love and hate you, equally.  As in, you are a major time-suck and I can’t wait to waste time with you again soon!

p.p.s. Yes, one of Max’s nicknames is “Boo Boo.”  It wasn’t intended and there is not a “Honey” in sight!



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We Want More, We Want MORE!

22 Jun

I’m obsessed with those AT&T commercials.  You know.  The ones with the guy chatting it up with for-real kids saying awesome kid things.


My gateway drug was this gem… “We want MORE!”

Well, now Max is a fan of “more” too!

While I’m no sign language aficionado or expert or anything, I have dabbled in it.  ::ahem – college made me::  On and off I have attempted to teach Max a few signs.  If teaching my little man a sign here and there decreases some of his frustration (kid can be impatient like WOAH), then it’s worth it!

Until just a week or so ago, Max wasn’t feeling it.  All of a sudden, the “more” sign has caught on.  Now, Max is ALL ABOUT signing “more.”  He knocked my socks flip flops off the other day when he signed “more” on the beach to communicate that he was hungry.  No “more” does not mean “hungry,” but he signs “more” mostly when he wants more food…so Mama got the message.  I was so proud!  My next goal?  Getting him to sign “all done” (instead of just angrily signing “more” – haha).

Cutest little stinker, signing at just shy of 11 months.  Look at that form!

Realize, I know that I prompted him (for the video’s sake).  But by his last meal of the day — he’s less “sign showoff” and more “hand it over, Ma-geesh!”


Kid’s a genius :)

Check in again this week to see the only other thing of which Max feels the need to ask “more.”  It’s local news related.  And it ain’t that pretty news lady on Live 5.  That’s who Dada wants some “more” of!





p.s. My favorite sign has always been ”turtle.”  Look it up.  Adorable!  


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Happy Father’s Day

16 Jun

To my Dad ♥



…and Max’s Dada ♥




How did we get SO lucky?!







p.s.  (He gets goin’ at 20 seconds…but I couldn’t cut out that cute smile at the beginning!)  Max says…


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Multitasking – Mom Edition

15 Jun



Well, there I am.  But, minus the dumbbell and tan.  And…if I’m being honest…minus the flat stomach.  And shoot.  Who am I kidding?  I avoid whisk-holding like the plague.

Otherwise, it’s practically me.  Really!  Like looking in the mirror!

Except that Max is CRAWLING now.  Holy on-guard-every-second, Batman!

If I’ve learned nothing else from Motherhood (yes, I capitalize this word on purpose!), it is how to multitask.  And when I say “multitask,” I mean do things ONE-HANDED.

The days of propping this little man up on the bed with toys are officially over.

IMG_6384 2

Less of that, and more of THIS…


He ain’t mad about it!

Kiddie jail is where it’s at.

But for reals, I could win a one-handed competition.  Max on right hip (held with dominate hand) with left hand accomplishing it all.

Make a bottle?  Duh – 4 times a day!  Take apart the exersaucer, including unscrewing 9 screws?  I did it this morning!  Toothbrushing, makeup donning, dressing oneself?  Piece of cake!

Luckily, Scott is the best Daddy in town…so it is not all me.  But sweet Jesus, having one-handed skills is clutch.

I think multitasking is at its finest when getting ready to exit the building.  Our biggest challenge yet?  Going to the beach with said adorable baby in tow.  Packing up the car, unloading the car, and then setting up our sandy real estate.  For an hour/hour and a half TOPS of keeping the little man from shoveling sand into his mouth?  Oy – this subject deserves its own post! (Hubs – AMIRIGHT?)


We WILL get better at it!

Juggling 40 bags (okay-at least 3!) with baby simultaneously on hip while trying to unlock the car (where are those keys again?), putting fussing baby into the car seat while checking to make sure you have the stroller, highchair/shopping cart cover, diaper bag (preferably with diapers inside), toys, water, bottle, food, bowl, spoon, washcloth, bib, burp cloth, change of clothes, picnic blanket, baby’s hat, sunscreen, bug spray, and at least three pacifiers (we’re going through a I-throw-my-pacifier-when-I-most-need-it phase).  MOTHER!  Did I lock the front door?  [After pulling out of neighborhood - "Where are my sunglasses?!"]  Yup, I’ve lost 2 pairs in 2 weeks. #FAIL

And imagine – there are people out there with more than one baby.  AT A TIME!!!

I bow down to you, Moms of multiples.  I bow down to you hard.



I know tomorrow is Father’s Day, but today I salute all the Moms out there. While you’re enjoying your cocktail of choice at 3:00pm this evening, imagine me clinking your glass.  And then me chugging mine.


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You Know You’re REALLY Sunburned When…

14 Jun

  • The different shades of your skin remind you of cotton candy and lobster and strawberry frosted doughnuts…and then you are suddenly hungry



  • You say “Allo, aloe” four times a day…in a terrible accent [FACT: day 3 and I still crack myself up!]
  • You lie on your bed, naked, slathered in aloe, cursing the fan for the windy pain it’s inflicting
  • You thank your lucky stars that you were too lazy to flip over and burn BOTH sides of your body
  • Underwear and leg-shaving are optional…as in
  • You look forward to the peeling process, because then, it doesn’t hurt anymore.  Right?  Tell me I’m right!

So – turns out that piling on the sunscreen twice in three hours is NOT ENOUGH.  At least for this lady whose skin hadn’t seen the sun since summer of 2011.  Yes…remember when I was this pregnant last summer?



Yup.  Last summer was all air conditioning and Oreos.  The good ol’ days.

So now the sun has been seen and kids – it ain’t pretty.  I’m a Southern amateur…all over again.

No bueno.  No bueno at all.

At least I don’t look as bad as Tan Mom did…



Nailed by Kristen Wiig, by the way!



And I was NOT going for Ross’s look from when he just couldn’t quite figure out a spray tanning technique…




Ah well.  You live and you learn.  I guess I was too busy relaxing on the beach with the hubs, baby-less, to feel the burn!


Moral of the story is…SUNSCREEN IS BOSS!  Ya need more of it than you think!




p.s. Laying flat on my back for the past two nights has reminded me of pregnancy…and not sleeping.  Thanks for the reminder, sunburn.  #nothanks  #notreadyyet  #bellysleeperforlife



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And Just Like That…

13 Jun


But I suppose before I get into that, I owe you all an explanation.

I’ve been gone for a while.  Like over 6 months, awhile.

Tumbleweed in the desert.
Pins dropping–left and right.
"helping" with laundry

“helping” with laundry

I know.


The longer I was away, the harder it seemed to come back!  Where to start?  How could I fill you in on endless stories and feelings and…ugh.  There is so much to tell!  And with each passing day, new stories and new feelings arose and I just couldn’t figure out where to start.

So I didn’t.

I was overwhelmed enough and something had to give.

It’s no surprise that my blog disappearance coincided with the dreaded event of going back to work.  Oh and never mind that I started a second job at the same time that I went back to work…alongside my biggest job yet of MAMAHOOD.

But guess what?  Today.  Right now.  I surrender and start anew.  (hopefully with a new blog look, sooner rather than later!)

loving sand...especially eating it!

loving sand…especially eating it!

I have missed this place.  MY PLACE!  My space of documenting memories, keeping friends and fam in the know, and letting these littlish fingers vent.  (No, my fingers never resumed pre-pregnancy size.  Bummer.)

So the only explanation I have for my absence is that life got in the way of documenting it.  Funny how that can happen!  No regrets here…I wouldn’t take back one minute.  Once I catch you up on my life as a mom to this incredible little boy, maybe you’ll forgive me.  Let’s just say that the last 7ish months have NOT been filled with thumb-twiddling and Facebook-stalking.  Okay.  That statement is only 50% true. 

I have continued to follow all of my favorite blogs, even though I haven’t commented.  like–at all.  I still love you and will try harder to be a better blend in the future (blogger+friend=blend…and I did not make that one up!)

could you be mad at this face?!

could you be mad at this face?!

Now that I’ve somewhat explained-slash-apologized, I present this video recorded yesterday of my little munchkin.  #hewasjustbornyesterday  #WHAT

You will have no choice but to forgive me after seeing this sweet face.

Video notes:
1. My voice is annoying and higher (and whiny-er) than usual.  I apologize and annoy myself…often.
2. Max is darling.  duh.
3. Our little man loves his paci.
4. Yes, I know how many days old our son is.  It’s a sickness.
5. Forgive me yet?  Enjoy!

Max is 10 and half months and has been crawling backwards and “scooting” around on his sweet cheeks for weeks.  But now.  NOW.  Crawling ain’t no thang.  So proud of this little Boo Boo.


Until next time, loves!  No promises, but let’s say…in less than 7 months?  DEAL!





Beach Count & Pool Count – returning soon

High Temperature: 97° or something cray!