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Anniversary Recap

13 Jul

We started out with a walk on the beach at Sullivan’s Island

We fancied our water bottles with these wedding koozies (that we never actually used)…

I’m sure that my wedding dress would fit just as well as it fits my water bottle!

No go on the zippage

Then we went to Metto for coffee, just like last year.  Their Caramel Freeze (their frappe-like drink) is THE BEST!  Metto (Mt. Pleasant) and Kudu (downtown) are my 2 favorite coffee shops in Charleston!  Kudu serves both coffee AND beer – so naturally it’s Scott’s fav coffee spot.

Scott picked up these for me on our way home…

So purdy!

We went home for lunch and a nap for me/a workout for Scott.  Poor Scott’s workout turned into worrying that trees in our backyard may end up inside of our house (apparently there was a wicked thunderstorm while I peacefully slumbered).  A leaking kitchen window was NOT Scott’s favorite part of our anniversary!

My parents stopped over before we left for dinner, so luckily we got a picture of us together.

A little different than my look last year!

Man, I miss my waist!

We went to dinner at 39 Rue de Jean downtown for the first time.  Another yummy  restaurant checked off the list!  It was delicious!  We had mouthwatering mussels first, then Scott had steak while I had a scallop dish.  We shared quite a bit and were extremely happy with our dinner.

In keeping with our annual tradition, we looked at our wedding album and then watched our wedding DVD.  Many tissues later (I started crying while writing Scott’s card and never really stopped – hormones!), we ate some ice cream and closed the door to year number 4.  The start of year number 5 is going to be cah-RAY-zee town!!!


Another great year – another great anniversary!

Happy Friday (the 13th, ooooo)!




p.s. Found out at our appt yesterday that baby is in position for arrival (aka: head down).  Sorry if that’s TMI – but this is VERY exciting!!!  



Beach Count: 77  

Pool Count: 30 

High Temperature: 90° 


Weeks 32 and 33

16 Jun

*Week 32*

*Week 33*


Percentage Cooked: 83%

Baby Size:  4ish lbs., 17ish inches long (I don’t put a lot of stock in these fruit comparisons, but Baby’s supposedly the size of a pineapple)

Countdown to Baby: Less than 7 weeks (232 days down, 48 to go!)

Symptoms: Oh goodness.  Here we go…

The swollen-ness has branched out beyond my hands I’m afraid. Hello finger and toe sausages.  Cute.  Real cute.

My left hand tingles sometimes.  Apparently Carpal Tunnel Syndrome during pregnancy is common?  Listen, I’m here to educate!

The waddle is ON like Donkey Kong..  I caught this hot bod in a store front and almost fell over.  [No seriously, I probably almost fell.]

via here

Arm flab, like woah.

I CANNOT get out of my favorite and most comfortable recliner chair unaided.  Fat chance…literally.  Which sucks for Scott because – -

I pee at least once an hour.  Everywhere we go, I must go.

It’s hard to take a deep breath/I’m out of breath often.

Baby T. hiccups A TON.  I love it!

Braxton Hicks Contractions have increased (and were confirmed by the Dr.).  They’re always uncomfortable, but can border on painful at times.  As long as they’re not the real thing – - baby’s gotta hold on for at least 4 more weeks!

Everything is more intense.  Even my laughs (i.e., belly laughs?  call me Santa!) and sneezes (yes, that was me – neighbor 3 houses down!) are intense.

My body aches by the end of the day.  Every last swollen bit of it.

All in all, this body just ain’t mine anymore.

Cravings:  Oreos, Reese’s, ice cream, fruit, and ice cold beverages

Weight Gain: 27 lbs. as of last Thursday…thanks A LOT New York!  At this point, I’m on target for a 35 lb. overall weight gain.

Dear Victoria’s Secret,

Please stop sending me emails and catalogs.  Seriously, Vicky?  NOT COOL.

Save it (and simultaneously – shove it).

Less than amused (and definitely not your friend),

The Pregnant One

Related Purchases: The 2nd curtain, more paper lanterns, gray bins to complete the cube organizer, and a bookcase is on its way!  Mom and Dad get home from NY today with a trunkful of Baby Trottier’s shower gifts.  I can’t wait to unload that trunk!!!  (AND see my parents, of course!)

Fear of the Week: I have this feeling that Baby T. is going to come early…like, too early.

Relief of the Week: I have progressed to weekly Dr.’s appointments.  WEEKLY, friends!!!

A few people in NY said that I look smaller in person than I do in my blog pics.  Compliment?  I’ll take it!

I have officially started “nesting“…evidence to come!

This baby made it through our NY travels – yay!  4 flights (4 take-offs and 4 landings!), 2 pat downs, 1 “blue sleeve” disability pre-boarding perk, 1 run through the airport, and 1 poor Southwest worker who got stuck next to me when Scott and I couldn’t sit next to each other.  Poor guy’s ears were bleeding after that hour and 15 minute flight.

Scott – “Were you talking to him the whole time?  I could hear you talking at the beginning, then I put in my headphones.  When I took them out, you were still talking.”  Me – “Welllllll, he talked some too!”  (And then I proceeded to tell Scott this nice gentleman’s life story.  Cue: Scott’s ears bleeding.)

Randomness: We had a great time in NY.  Pics from Baby T.’s shower and our adventures coming soon!

Also coming soon – nursery updates!  We’ve been working hard since we got home.  =)

I am taking a breastfeeding course at the hospital this week.  Should be interesting.

Scott’s Quote of the Week:

1. Me – “Ugh, this bod really needs a massage babe.  Can you?”

Scott – “What, you want me to do it?  On Father’s Day Eve?”

2. Me – “Can you please help me hang these paper lanterns?  You just tie it on one end and make a loop on the other.”

Scott – “No, I’m sorry I can’t.”

Me – “Um, what?  Why not?”

Scott – “I can barely tie my shoes, I definitely can’t make a loop.  No seriously.  My shoes come untied all of the time.  I still don’t think I’m doing it right!”


Sorry for the blog delay – I hope to write A LOT over the next baby-less weeks!


At my Uncle’s house in NY 




p.s. We’re off to the FREE Party in the Park at Memorial Waterfront Park tonight with great friends.  It’ll be our first time going, so I’ll report back.  Next week, Lauren Alaina from American Idol will be one of the artists.  She’s so sweet – can’t wait!



Beach Count: 75   

Pool Count: 29 

High Temperature: 83° 


Baby T.’s Southern Shower

3 Jun

Baby T.’s Southern Shower – through pictures…

Me and Baby -29 weeks 

Yummy treats (mini-cinnamon buns in the take out containers with the tag “Thank you for coming – from Sarah & her little bun in the oven”)

Mason jars for sweet tea

Some of the food spread

Sweet lil’ socks

Presents for the babe!

Everyone designed a onesie – Scott was the judge and Liz was the winner (what do you think the theme of the onesie was?  BEER, OF COURSE!)

My near future…Cathy with baby boy Kellen 

Julie and me (and my delish mocktail)

Some action shots – super soft blanket

Let’s hope Baby’s T.’s head is that small – adorable newborn hats

Aww – lots of duckies

What?  I’ve been leaking for weeks!

Me and my Mama!

I didn’t get a pic with Scott or with the whole crew, but it’s hard to think of photo ops when you’re busy having too much fun!

I DID get this adorable one of my matching parents.

I mean – c’mon!  Just stop it with the cuteness.


THANK YOU, MOM, FOR THROWING THE SHOWER and THANKS to everyone for coming!  We appreciate every single one of you.  Baby T. CANNOT wait to meet you all!




p.s. I’m so glad that timing worked out for my Aunt Carolyn to be in town for Baby T.’s Southern Shower.  Loved you being there – xoxo!

p.s.s. The suitcases are OUT and ready for NY packing.  I’m holding out until the weather forecast warms up a bit ;)




Beach Count: 75   

Pool Count: 29 

High Temperature: 84° 


Babymoon Staycation Unplugged

28 May

Two weekends ago, Scott and I unplugged from the world and had a Babymoon Staycation.  Ahhh – it was amazing!  We only have about 9 more weekends alone (fingers crossed) until this baby comes.  It was both worth it and necessary.

Here were the rules – NO PHONE, NO COMPUTER/IPAD, NO TV (except for one show/movie at night for sleeping’s sake), and NO CHEATING!

We took like 1 picture and a couple of sad lookin’ videos, so we don’t have much to show for it.  [What?!  We were staycationing!]  But, it really was the best!  I’ve since proposed that Scott and I do this once a month…seriously.

For real, it was freeing.  I absolutely recommend giving it a try!

This was our weekend…


- Dinner downtown at Cypress!  This place has been on our list for a long, long time (our Charleston restaurant list is long and strong).  My brother gave us a gift certificate there for Christmas (ahem-in May-cough), so we were thrilled to finally get there.  It was gorgeous inside, we had an amazing waiter, and the food made us do that this-food-is-so-good-I’m-going-to-dance-a-little-in-my-chair thing.  We took a stroll to the upstairs bar afterwards.  We’ll definitely go back there for their happy hour menu!

Yes, I have sweeeet video skills!

- Rooftop at Market Pavilion Hotel Bar.  We’ve never been disappointed with the views, the breeze, or the cool atmosphere up there.  They have these awesome new heaters that I was obsessed with.  A couple more weeks and the plexiglass will be down for an even better view.  (You can’t really see anything in the following video but some dark coolness.  You’re welcome.)


- A stroll around Freshfields Village in Kiawah Island and then some beach time at Beachwalker Park on Kiawah.

The 2nd video shows the pretty trees better  =)


- Home to freshen up and then downtown for dinner at Basil, one of our favorite Charleston restaurants.  YUM!


- It was Mother’s Day – so we of course broke the rules to see my Mom!  Scott and my Dad cooked us breakfast.  Scott gave me a new Pandora charm and a sweet card.  I didn’t feel like it was my first Mother’s Day really – it felt more like my Mother’s Day half-birthday.  I need to earn that title!!!  Oh – and Scott got me a grande decaf mocha cookie crumble light Frappuccino.  Yum!  (It was my 4th of the week, due to the awesome Happy Hour deal!)

- We spent some time at the pool.

- We put together a gazillion baby items that were lined up in boxes by the front door.

- I don’t remember the rest.

Overall, we did nothing extravagant or over the top.  We just enjoyed our “alone time” and realized how important and EASY it truly is to unplug.  It was SO.RELAXING.

And guess what?  When we plugged back in, we realized that we didn’t miss much AND no one really missed us!


I love you, Scott Michael Trottier!  This weekend was one that I will hold onto for a very long time!





Beach Count: 75   

Pool Count: 29 

High Temperature: 86° 


St. Pat’s Weekend of Fun!

19 Mar

Friday - Mom, Gram, and I got much-needed pedicures (much-needed for me, anyway!) at Top Nails in Mount Pleasant and then we enjoyed some time on the deck at Red’s at Shem Creek.

Saturday - Gram & Pop, Mom & Dad, and Scott & I all checked out Park Circle’s St. Patty’s Day parade and block party.  It was HOT out and my sunscreen didn’t really help a sister out.  Oh well!  This event was BUSY!  Luckily, parking [30 minutes prior to the parade's start] was not a problem.  Impressive!  The food and drink choices were okay, the music was great, and the people-watching was FANfriggenTASTIC!  And “what about the parade,” you ask?  That parade was over in about 5 minutes.  Kinda lame – sorry, it’s the truth.

Shout out to Charleston Animal Society’s adorable parade car!

Park Circle’s got NOTHING on Hoosick Falls in the parade department. [Dude, Hooty has a website...who knew?!]

We stayed for a few hours, then we came home and I napped for 2.  Scott and I hit up Coleman Public House for dinner.  Scott got his typical fav burger.  I, sadly, cannot have the best.burger.ever during pregnancy (due to the goat cheese) so I finally tried their mac & cheese.  OH CHEESUS…it.was.amazing.  No wonder my friend Liz gets it to turn-that-frown-upside-down (and why it won “Best Coma-Inducing Skillet of Cheesy Goodness” in Charleston City Paper’s Best of Charleston 2012!!!).

A skillet of pure heaven

Sunday - I sabotaged church-going due to my chronic lateness and the paving on 526 (Scott hated me for a straight hour).  Instead, we took advantage of the Customer Appreciation Day (aka – FREE admission) with Charleston County Parks and finally checked out Mount Pleasant Palmetto Islands County Park. How beautiful!  We held hands, said some prayers, and sang some church songs terribly out of tune.  I didn’t really make it up to Scott until I persuaded him do this (along with a non-negotiable “weeeeeeeeee!”).

Mad at me, no longer – how could he be?!

I loved this place!

What’s awesome is that the normal park fee is $1 per person.  I am embarrassed that it took us a $2 discount to finally get our butts there!!!  We WILL be back!

Next, we hit up THE BEACH at Isle of Palms before all of the storm clouds moved in.  [Minus the $7 parking fee, thankyouverymuch.  Consider us - TWICE appreciated.]  It was gor-geous.



I hope everyone has been soaking up this beautiful weather!





p.s. Question of the day: Do I allow myself to get sucked into this season’s Dancing with the Stars?  We are HUGE Gavin DeGraw fans!!!



Beach Count: 68!   

High Temperature: 82°  


Oh My Darlin’

12 Mar

Thank you, Fox News, for your quick and dirty write up on Charleston a few days ago.  The article is titled – “Charleston, the darling of the South.”

Finally we agree on something!

Click here to check it out!

It’s only the tip of the iceberg, but lovely nonetheless.

The infamous Rainbow Row


Happy Monday (and Bachelor 3-HOUR finale)!  Wine is [sadly] not in my future, but special popcorn just may be.

Lots of blogs to come this week!!!



p.s. Countdown to our workless summer is less than 60 days!!!


Beach Count: 67   

High Temperature: 69°  


Another Weekend of Fun!

4 Feb

The Dominys visited from NY two weekends ago, with 1 year old Ethan in tow! They first visited (minus the munchkin) over 4th of July.  I hope they continue to visit everyone 6 months…if not even more often!!!  Check out our shenanigans!

We started Saturday morning at Folly Beach.  Last time they visited, we graced Isle of Palms and Sullivan’s Island – so we wanted them to see another local beach.  It was quite windy and not as warm as forecasted, but much warmer than NY!

This handsome boy has definitely gotten the hang of that whole walking thing!

Next we stumbled upon closed down Center Street for the Taste of Folly 2012 event.  We just hung out for a few minutes and listened to the band.  Ethan was mesmerized!

Next we went to Chick-fil-A for the Dominy family’s VERY FIRST CFA experience.  It was a success!  The cow was out to play and he was a wee bit creepy, though.  Ethan wasn’t feeling him and neither were we.  Would you?!  Not when he nudges his snout into people and lingers uncomfortably longer than he should!


Next we went to Angel Oak!

We attempted to go to the Firefly Vodka Distillery and Irvin-House Vineyards afterwards.  Well, we did go there but they were closed (apparently for the entire month of January).  Frustrating!!!  Wadmalaw Island is far out there! Oh well…

We headed home at this point to unwind and relax before our dinner reservations.

My parents babysat Ethan (great practice, Mom and Dad!) while the 4 of us went downtown to 82 Queen for Charleston Restaurant Week.  Scott and I had never been there before, so we were hoping it would deliver.  IT SOOOO DID!  Here are some pics from their Facebook…

We were close to a half hour early, but they seated us anyway.  We sat out in the courtyard where we were covered and cozy (they had heaters pumping – just enough).  It was incredibly romantic!  Our waiter was so witty and awesome. During our dinner, a thunderstorm rolled in.  We stayed completely dry being outside, but inside.  It was awesome!  The romance scale was officially tipped. Those poor waiters, though – they got SOAKED!  Christina and I had the jambalaya, Scott had the frogmore stew, and Mike had the meatloaf.  We took our time eating and did not feel rushed in the least.  The food, the ambience, and the wait staff were all amazing.  Scott and I can’t wait to go back!

82 Queen on Urbanspoon

Next, we went to Coleman Public House for a night capper (aka – more water for me!).

Sunday, we went to the aquarium as our big outing.  One of the largest exhibits for toddlers was closed for renovations, so I was pretty disappointed (the admission is expensive!).  Either way, I think Ethan enjoyed it.  His favorite part?  Cruising up and down the stairs, of course!

That night, we watched the Giants kick some 9ers booty and ate some yummy/totally-bad-for-you food.


♥ A weekend of perfection ♥

Thanks for coming – Christina, Mike, and Ethan.  We love you guys!!!






Beach Count: 66   

High Temperature: 65°  


What’s Up Wednesday!

18 Jan

Does anyone even say “what’s up” anymore?  Well, whatever…I do!

Here’s what’s up – in list form…

1. American Idol season 11 starts tonight!  I’m excited for the talent, but not for the commitment.

2. It’s official – Emily Maynard from Brad’s second Bachelor run will be the next Bachelorette.  YAY!  I know I need to focus on the current season of The Bachelor (and all the corresponding crazies), but I like knowing what’s next on tap.  ALSO, it’s comforting to know that Scooter will be watching the the next Bachelorette season with me mos.def.  Why?  Cause he’s hot on Emily!!!  (Yup – she and I look NOTHING alike.  Opposites even.  Nice.)

3. We have some VERY exciting visitors coming this weekend.  Repeat offenders (in a you-only-offend-me-if-you-love-me kinda way) – Christina and Mike!

‘Member them from the 4th of July?!

But, extra special bonus?  The arrival of a yummy first offender…ETHAN, their handsome little man!!!

Cannot wait to kiss this face! ♥

4. You know I have to brag about the weekend weather for our company, right?  So sorry!  (40+ degrees warmer than our hometown in NY.  SCORE!)

Relax, Sunday’s far away and a 30% chance ain’t no thang.

5. I am openly obsessed with the people and the humor behind Young House Love, Sherry and John (and Clara and Burger).  If you’ve never checked out their blog, where have you been? DO.IT.NOW!  Their blog success and adorkableness encouraged me to get a kick-start in the blogging world.  Well Sherry recently wrote a very candid and honest post about how her life isn’t perfect.  I mean, whose is?  Well, I for the first time, put on my Twitter big girl pants and TWEETED SOMEONE FAMOUS.  I dorkily said…

[Enter the crazy part.]

I, in return, received THIS…


just ***STARSTRUCK***

6. The NY Giants are 1 game away from the Super Bowl.  They play the 49ers on Sunday.  GO G-MEN!!!!!!!!

Taking it back to the old school – Giants training camp 2006

7. Charleston made ANOTHER list.  A-duh.  This time it’s Fodor’s “Go List: 21 Places to go in 2012.”  Check out the list here.  Charleston and Oahu, Hawaii happen to be the only destinations of the 21 that are located in America.  Yeah. Book.the.trip e-quaintenances!


That’s all for now.  Glad to be over the hump, how ’bout you?  

Time for some Idol!!!  xoxo




p.s. Follow me on Twitter if you don’t already @chucktowncharm.  I’m still learning, so bear with me!



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High Temperature: 68°  


Politics in Charleston

16 Jan

Don’t worry…this ain’t ma thang.  My opinions are scattered and varied and I lose interest quickly.

However, I HAVE to mention how flooded Charleston has been with politics – especially in this past week!!!  Ya see, the story goes that the winner of the South Carolina Republican Presidential Primary has gone on to win the nomination since 1980…so it’s all kind of a big deal around here.  The Primary will be held this Saturday, January 21st, so the madness has been kicked into super high gear!

My Dad met Jon Huntsman for some waffles at Honeymoon Cafe on Daniel Island.  He shook everyone’s hand.  [This just in: Huntsman's reportedly dropping out and endorsing Mitt Romney like.right.now.]


Both Mom and Dad went to Rick Santorum’s question-and-answer session at Daniel Island School.


My parents also went to Mike Huckabee’s forum at the College of Charleston’s Sottile Theatre in downtown Charleston.  They said it was a lot of fun.  I question their fun-o-meter, but they didn’t ask.  Ha!


Romney, Santorum, Paul, Gingrich, and Perry will be in Myrtle Beach tonight for a debate and there will be one more debate in South Carolina on Thursday.

If Charleston gets a Ron Paul sighting, we’re there!  But if I’m being honest, these kids know more about politics than I do…



So…serious question…will all of the commercials stop post-January 21st?  Pretty please??

Did I lose you?  Don’t worry – me talking politics is a major, circumstantial FLUKE!




p.s. Off to Starbucks for a celebratory we-have-a-Monday-off Frappucino.  =)

p.s.s. I will catch up on responding to comments today…PROMISE!



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January So Far

8 Jan

So I promised to be better at documenting the month of January for 2012 (since I failed at this last year).  And so far – crap.

Well, the 1st of January was Dad’s birthday.  Happy Birthday, Dad!!!

YES I am wearing a Giants jersey and NO I did not shower.

On the 2nd, we finally checked out Shem Creek Park.  It opened in October and we’ve been wanting to go since then.  It’s basically a really long pier, but we loved it.  Water?  Boats?  Marsh?  View of the bridge?  Yup – works for us!  It was a great way to play around with the camera.  By “play around,” I mean use the camera on automatic.  Yeah – we’re rebels.  (GET IT?!)  Check out some pics!

Note: Confederate flag

Yes, I guess I will live in this house with a boat garage.  okaythanks.

We had a couple of cold days at the beginning of last week, but the past two days were in the 70s!  Today, we finally put Christmas away for good (THANK GOODNESS) and watched the Giants beat the Atlanta Falcons.  Actually – we killed them.  GO G-MEN!

Yesterday (chronological order is SO overrated!), we checked out The Main Squeeze – a new smoothie and juice bar at Belle Hall.  I’m officially obsessed. They only use fresh fruit and vegetables and none of their products are more than 200 calories. YUM!

I highly recommend the Hawaiian Honeymoon!

We journeyed downtown afterwards for some fresh air, linner (lunch/dinner) at Mellow Mushroom, and some picture-taking of course!

Now that you’re all caught up, I will try to go back to blogging each event separately (versus in a cluster like this post)!  I guess you could call me a little blog-rusty!  ;)


I hope your 2012 has started off on the right foot!  

I may share my New Year’s resolutions by the end of the month.  What?  I’m still brainstorming!




p.s. How bout that picture quality?  Much better, right?!

p.s.s. I totally forgot to include 2 sets of awesome visitors in *2011 in Review!* Oops!  Diane and Steve visited in March…


AND Laura and Trevor visited in September.  They loved Charleston SO much, they plan on moving here someday!!!



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High Temperature: 73°