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Balloons at the Beach

20 Aug

Dudes – the beach is windy.

But windy hair outtakes are a post for another day.  (Remember my eye blinking post?  One of my best most embarrassing!)

So turning the big oh-one definitely calls for a photo shoot.  About a week after the little man’s 1st birthday, we threw a bunch of props, snacks, and outfits into the car and got our behinds to the beach to cheese it up.  Our original plan was to have the photos taken at Station 12 on Sullivan’s Island, an awesome spot for pics and sunsets.  But, the INCREDIBLY HIGH tide forced us into Plan B.  We quickly decided on Station 30 and it was perfect!

The very sweet and talented Jan Tyler took these photos for us and we couldn’t be more thrilled.  Thank you, Jan!!!  Capturing our little man 6 short days before he really figured out the whole walking independently thing is truly like catching a memory in box.  We luckily get to keep this box forever.

Now onto figuring out how to wrangle a walking baby at the beach.  Hmm!

We are so happy that you were appropriately captured in your scrunchy nose phase.  OH and that hair – the swoop that needs encouragement to stay swooped.  LOVE!  Mommy is sorry for all of the outfit changes, but LOOK AT HOW CUTE YOU ARE!!!  Eating your favorite snacks (puffs and goldfish) definitely kept you happy during this shoot.  Playing “Pump up the Jam” on your favorite little car kept you dancing (one of your favorite things to do!), even when you were fussing about the dry sand on your feet.  And speaking of sand, you find it absolutely delicious.  The taste and texture are apparently your jam.  Just one question…where does it go?  ’Cause Mama has yet to find a trace in your diaper like all her Mama friends said that she would.  Anyway, thank you for humoring us by smiling every once in a while despite your crazy parents’ repetitive monkey noise attempts and funny face-making.  Yes, we are complete lunatics and no, it will never stop.  You sure know how to keep us humble.  But for reals – YOU ARE THE BEST!  We love you to a million heart-shaped pieces and hope to make this an annual photo shoot event!  Beach, balloons, wind – all of it!

















p.s. The 12-months-of-balloons has concluded and BOY is my husband happy!!! A post with all 12 months someday soon.  Oh, who I am kidding?  Soon could mean before this little man turns TWO!




High Temperature: 90° (with 85% humidity!)


Summer – A Big Birthday and Beyond

12 Aug

I’m really not sure how it’s happening, but it is.  Days, weeks, and months are flying by.  Our little man is growing up, my gray hairs are taking a major stand, and Scott and I have been married over 5 years.  Sheesh.

Did I mention that I have a ONE YEAR OLD?  Goodness me.


We had an AWESOME summer!  I know that it’s not over via the calendar or the position of the sun or whatever, but my summer vacation from work IS – so womp, womp…tear, tear – it’s over for me, my friends!

Here’s a taste of summer to catch you up…through pictures, of course!

After a couple of weeks of catching up on sleep and a quick ::read-HOT:: trip to Charles Towne Landing


Scott and I made our way to Seabrook Island for the first time.  This was our very first overnight (two nights!) away from Max.  It was a mini-anniversary celebration and it was just lovely.

I thank the 45-minute drive for forcing me to get my ridiculously sobbing self together.

Think: gated community, half a mile from the beach/beach club, on a golf course, etc. etc.  After two nights, my parents and Max met up with us for a couple of days (rejoice!) and then we had a couple of Family O’ 3 days.

Dear Seabrook, You surely deserve your own post.  Just know that we are BIG FANS and can’t wait to visit your sweet self again soon!

Check it out…


Haha, that face kills me! 


That’s more like it!IMG_7219






Kid is obsessed with eating sand!






LOVE my little family ♥


Oof, I’m exhausted.  (Did I mention I’m back to work?)  Stay tuned for a recap of 3 weeks in NY, including a BIG birthday party for one special little boy!







p.s. What’s new with everyone?  Any new vacation spot discoveries?  Dudes – check.out.Seabrook!



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Multitasking – Mom Edition

15 Jun



Well, there I am.  But, minus the dumbbell and tan.  And…if I’m being honest…minus the flat stomach.  And shoot.  Who am I kidding?  I avoid whisk-holding like the plague.

Otherwise, it’s practically me.  Really!  Like looking in the mirror!

Except that Max is CRAWLING now.  Holy on-guard-every-second, Batman!

If I’ve learned nothing else from Motherhood (yes, I capitalize this word on purpose!), it is how to multitask.  And when I say “multitask,” I mean do things ONE-HANDED.

The days of propping this little man up on the bed with toys are officially over.

IMG_6384 2

Less of that, and more of THIS…


He ain’t mad about it!

Kiddie jail is where it’s at.

But for reals, I could win a one-handed competition.  Max on right hip (held with dominate hand) with left hand accomplishing it all.

Make a bottle?  Duh – 4 times a day!  Take apart the exersaucer, including unscrewing 9 screws?  I did it this morning!  Toothbrushing, makeup donning, dressing oneself?  Piece of cake!

Luckily, Scott is the best Daddy in town…so it is not all me.  But sweet Jesus, having one-handed skills is clutch.

I think multitasking is at its finest when getting ready to exit the building.  Our biggest challenge yet?  Going to the beach with said adorable baby in tow.  Packing up the car, unloading the car, and then setting up our sandy real estate.  For an hour/hour and a half TOPS of keeping the little man from shoveling sand into his mouth?  Oy – this subject deserves its own post! (Hubs – AMIRIGHT?)


We WILL get better at it!

Juggling 40 bags (okay-at least 3!) with baby simultaneously on hip while trying to unlock the car (where are those keys again?), putting fussing baby into the car seat while checking to make sure you have the stroller, highchair/shopping cart cover, diaper bag (preferably with diapers inside), toys, water, bottle, food, bowl, spoon, washcloth, bib, burp cloth, change of clothes, picnic blanket, baby’s hat, sunscreen, bug spray, and at least three pacifiers (we’re going through a I-throw-my-pacifier-when-I-most-need-it phase).  MOTHER!  Did I lock the front door?  [After pulling out of neighborhood - "Where are my sunglasses?!"]  Yup, I’ve lost 2 pairs in 2 weeks. #FAIL

And imagine – there are people out there with more than one baby.  AT A TIME!!!

I bow down to you, Moms of multiples.  I bow down to you hard.



I know tomorrow is Father’s Day, but today I salute all the Moms out there. While you’re enjoying your cocktail of choice at 3:00pm this evening, imagine me clinking your glass.  And then me chugging mine.


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Hospital Fashion

20 Jun

So, I’m going to order a cute hospital gown.

I know.  I’m a little crazy.

I figure, I know that we’ll look at pictures from the day of Baby T.’s birth for a really long time (like forever) and that the rest of me is going to be a hot mess (what do you do with curly delivery hair?!)…so why not control my attire?  I’ve been agonizing over which one to choose.  Forgive me – I’m dramatic.  Help me decide (all from Gownies)!






I’m partial to the blue one, but I wear a lot of blue.  Also, Pam from The Office wore it which is kinda cool (although I never got into The Office).  Check it out!

And just for fun, I found the famous clip from Friends of Rachel giving birth to Emma.  Awwww!  I couldn’t embed the dang video though, but here’s the link if you’re interested!  =)

So which one do you like best?  Let’s vote on it!

Which gownie should I wear while Baby T. comes into the world?

  • #1 (53%, 16 Votes)
  • #3 (27%, 8 Votes)
  • #4 (10%, 3 Votes)
  • #5 (7%, 2 Votes)
  • #2 (3%, 1 Votes)

Total Voters: 30

Loading ... Loading ...

 Now hurry up and vote – I need to order it ASAP!  





p.s. I have the hospital bag out, ready to be packed.  So far, it has my extra phone charger and paper napkins & plates in it (because clearly I’ll be bringing freshly made, homemade chocolate chip cookies for doctors/nurses/visitors…duh).  I need to get more into this bag!



Beach Count: 75 → It’s been a while, but I’m giving it a shot today!  

Pool Count: 29 

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St. Pat’s Weekend of Fun!

19 Mar

Friday - Mom, Gram, and I got much-needed pedicures (much-needed for me, anyway!) at Top Nails in Mount Pleasant and then we enjoyed some time on the deck at Red’s at Shem Creek.

Saturday - Gram & Pop, Mom & Dad, and Scott & I all checked out Park Circle’s St. Patty’s Day parade and block party.  It was HOT out and my sunscreen didn’t really help a sister out.  Oh well!  This event was BUSY!  Luckily, parking [30 minutes prior to the parade's start] was not a problem.  Impressive!  The food and drink choices were okay, the music was great, and the people-watching was FANfriggenTASTIC!  And “what about the parade,” you ask?  That parade was over in about 5 minutes.  Kinda lame – sorry, it’s the truth.

Shout out to Charleston Animal Society’s adorable parade car!

Park Circle’s got NOTHING on Hoosick Falls in the parade department. [Dude, Hooty has a website...who knew?!]

We stayed for a few hours, then we came home and I napped for 2.  Scott and I hit up Coleman Public House for dinner.  Scott got his typical fav burger.  I, sadly, cannot have the best.burger.ever during pregnancy (due to the goat cheese) so I finally tried their mac & cheese.  OH CHEESUS…it.was.amazing.  No wonder my friend Liz gets it to turn-that-frown-upside-down (and why it won “Best Coma-Inducing Skillet of Cheesy Goodness” in Charleston City Paper’s Best of Charleston 2012!!!).

A skillet of pure heaven

Sunday - I sabotaged church-going due to my chronic lateness and the paving on 526 (Scott hated me for a straight hour).  Instead, we took advantage of the Customer Appreciation Day (aka – FREE admission) with Charleston County Parks and finally checked out Mount Pleasant Palmetto Islands County Park. How beautiful!  We held hands, said some prayers, and sang some church songs terribly out of tune.  I didn’t really make it up to Scott until I persuaded him do this (along with a non-negotiable “weeeeeeeeee!”).

Mad at me, no longer – how could he be?!

I loved this place!

What’s awesome is that the normal park fee is $1 per person.  I am embarrassed that it took us a $2 discount to finally get our butts there!!!  We WILL be back!

Next, we hit up THE BEACH at Isle of Palms before all of the storm clouds moved in.  [Minus the $7 parking fee, thankyouverymuch.  Consider us - TWICE appreciated.]  It was gor-geous.



I hope everyone has been soaking up this beautiful weather!





p.s. Question of the day: Do I allow myself to get sucked into this season’s Dancing with the Stars?  We are HUGE Gavin DeGraw fans!!!



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High Temperature: 82°  


The MOTHERload!

5 Feb

Once you join the Mommy to-be club, all of the already Mommies (and fellow Mommies to-be) become SO generous and lovely.

Exhibit A:  Due to my torso impairment (hello: boobays, belly button, and hips – practically overlapping), this belly has made its appearance quite early.  I was yearning for elastic waistbands by week 10.  Not because I really needed them yet, but because I knew I would be more comfortable.  By week 11, I had been graciously given a pair of jeans, black pants, and 4 tops – all maternity from a fellow preggers, Christine.  Her cousin was really to purge these items and they weren’t a great fit for her.  Score!  I’ve been wearing the pants ever since. THANKS CHRISTINE!

Exhibit B:  Next up, another fellow preggers, Cathy, was given an entire wardrobe of maternity clothes to borrow.  More clothes than my regular closet can offer.  Crazy!  She had me try on some items that didn’t fit her well and I came home with 2 pairs of jeans and 1 pair of pants to borrow.  They’re a little big for now, but I’m prett-y confident that I will work my way into them!  [Note to self: Keep it together and don't ruin them!  I say this as I simultaneously spill a smoothie allll over myself.  Ugh, this will be a challenge.]  THANKS CATHY!

Exhibit C (the official MOTHERload!):  One of my closest and dearest friends, Kristen, sent me a box of love from New York this past week and IT WAS A BLESSING!  The box was filled to the brim with everything maternity…from 13 weeks through 40 – I am pretty well set.  Check out this 50 or so item MOTHERload!!!

I can now breathe easier.  THANK YOU, KRIS – LOVE YOU!!! ♥

I’m looking forward to receiving the 5 tops that I ordered from Old Navy last week.  It’s time to relax in comfort until special occasions warrant some new pieces.  Yay!

Here’s me on Sullivan’s Island on February 2nd when it was 80 degrees (in Kristen’s clothes)!

AND the handsome hubs (in his clothes, ha)!

Next on the need-it-now wardrobe list?  New bras (which I should’ve gotten, like, YESTERDAY).  Girlfriends are suffocating.


Happy Sunday – GO GIANTS!!!



p.s. Kris – is it gonna be weird to see me wearing your clothes for the next 6 months?  Haha.

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Another Weekend of Fun!

4 Feb

The Dominys visited from NY two weekends ago, with 1 year old Ethan in tow! They first visited (minus the munchkin) over 4th of July.  I hope they continue to visit everyone 6 months…if not even more often!!!  Check out our shenanigans!

We started Saturday morning at Folly Beach.  Last time they visited, we graced Isle of Palms and Sullivan’s Island – so we wanted them to see another local beach.  It was quite windy and not as warm as forecasted, but much warmer than NY!

This handsome boy has definitely gotten the hang of that whole walking thing!

Next we stumbled upon closed down Center Street for the Taste of Folly 2012 event.  We just hung out for a few minutes and listened to the band.  Ethan was mesmerized!

Next we went to Chick-fil-A for the Dominy family’s VERY FIRST CFA experience.  It was a success!  The cow was out to play and he was a wee bit creepy, though.  Ethan wasn’t feeling him and neither were we.  Would you?!  Not when he nudges his snout into people and lingers uncomfortably longer than he should!


Next we went to Angel Oak!

We attempted to go to the Firefly Vodka Distillery and Irvin-House Vineyards afterwards.  Well, we did go there but they were closed (apparently for the entire month of January).  Frustrating!!!  Wadmalaw Island is far out there! Oh well…

We headed home at this point to unwind and relax before our dinner reservations.

My parents babysat Ethan (great practice, Mom and Dad!) while the 4 of us went downtown to 82 Queen for Charleston Restaurant Week.  Scott and I had never been there before, so we were hoping it would deliver.  IT SOOOO DID!  Here are some pics from their Facebook…

We were close to a half hour early, but they seated us anyway.  We sat out in the courtyard where we were covered and cozy (they had heaters pumping – just enough).  It was incredibly romantic!  Our waiter was so witty and awesome. During our dinner, a thunderstorm rolled in.  We stayed completely dry being outside, but inside.  It was awesome!  The romance scale was officially tipped. Those poor waiters, though – they got SOAKED!  Christina and I had the jambalaya, Scott had the frogmore stew, and Mike had the meatloaf.  We took our time eating and did not feel rushed in the least.  The food, the ambience, and the wait staff were all amazing.  Scott and I can’t wait to go back!

82 Queen on Urbanspoon

Next, we went to Coleman Public House for a night capper (aka – more water for me!).

Sunday, we went to the aquarium as our big outing.  One of the largest exhibits for toddlers was closed for renovations, so I was pretty disappointed (the admission is expensive!).  Either way, I think Ethan enjoyed it.  His favorite part?  Cruising up and down the stairs, of course!

That night, we watched the Giants kick some 9ers booty and ate some yummy/totally-bad-for-you food.


♥ A weekend of perfection ♥

Thanks for coming – Christina, Mike, and Ethan.  We love you guys!!!






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Sunset on Sullivan’s

8 Nov

It’s really hard to choose just a couple of pictures when you took 10245189.  Or 102.  Seriously.

Let’s watch the sun set, shall we?


Sullivan's Island Sunset

Sullivan's Island Sunset

Sullivan's Island Sunset

Sullivan's Island Sunset

Sullivan's Island Sunset

Sullivan's Island Sunset

Sullivan's Island Sunset

Sullivan's Island Sunset

Sullivan's Island Sunset

Props to my parents for finding this awesome nook on Sullivan’s.  It’s perfect for sunsets and r♥mance  and unwinding after a long workday.


Ahhhh – this is why we live here!!!

I hope y’all are having a great week!!!



p.s. T-minus 3 days until the bff and her husband visit Chucktown for the first time – yessssssss!

p.s.s. RIP to the man who had my dream job for 33 years, Andy Rooney




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Big Day, Big Day!

1 Nov

Well folks, today is a big day for Charm of Charleston.

Charm of Charleston is happy to announce that we have our very first *charming* supporter.

[insert intense blushing]

It’s a mark-your-calendar kinda day ‘round these parts.
FOLLYBEACH.COM is a website that provides valuable information about the ins and outs of Folly Beach, SC.  This website is designed for both locals and visitors alike.  Info on surfing, fishing, wedding planning, restaurants, music, wildlife, and more can be found along with a calendar of events and an opportunity to sign up for an informational newsletter.

I plan on using this site to explore more of what Folly has to offer (since y’all know that I DO NOT get to this beach enough!).  I suggest you check it out, too!!!


Thank you for supporting us, =)



p.s. Interested in supporting Charm of Charleston?  E-mail with ideas!



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ZBB = new BFF

28 Oct

I am newly obsessed with the Zac Brown Band.  Scott got me their newest CD for my birthday and I

Where have I been, you ask?  Living under a rock?  Wasting life away watching reality TV?  Eating popcorn?  That there are some good questions [insert Southern accent].   (For the record: No. Yes. and Yes.)  

I’ve always enjoyed their radio songs, but never enough to pursue listening further.  U-N-T-I-L “Knee Deep” hit the radio waves and I wondered how they stole my innermost thoughts from my innermost gray matter.  Are they some sort of ninja mind readers or something?  Seriously, these lyrics came from MY brain…

This champagne shore washing over me
It’s a sweet sweet life living by the salty sea
One day you could be as lost as me
Change you’re geography
Maybe you might be
Knee deep in the water somewhere
Got the blue sky breeze blowing wind through my hair
Only worry in the world is the tide gonna reach my chair
Sunrise there’s a fire in the sky
Never been so happy
Never felt so high
And I think I might have found me my own kind of paradise


Okay – truth be told – I would never say “champagne shore” (I’m more of a beer and wine girl), but the rest is spot on how I feel when I’m at the beach.  And sometimes that tide can sneak.up.on.ya!  (Sorry local library – I am totally guilty for the waves in that one book.  Oops!)

Well, in an ironic turn of events, Zac Brown Band came to Charleston last weekend for their Southern Ground Music & Food Festival.  It was a 3-day event right on Daniel Island at Blackbaud Stadium filled with gourmet food and over 30 musical artists.  LemmeRephrase…It was a 3-day event right on Daniel Island at Blackbaud Stadium filled with gourmet food and over 30 musical artists and no Trottiers.  Boo.  The good news?  We had an awesome weekend in Asheville with awesome friends (and 4 hours each way to compulsively listen to Zac Brown Band).  No regrets here.  Word on the street is that there will be a 2012 edition.  I WILL NOT miss that one.

Enjoy this quick recap of the festival that I found on ZBB’s Facebook (while listening to one of my favorite songs!)…

Seriously, I love every song on their newest CD!


Did anyone go to the festival?  Was it worth the money?  Was the food way better than other festivals?  

Wanna go with me next year? ;)




p.s. The Coastal Carolina Fair is going on right now.  It’s only 25 minutes from where we live.  We have no plans to go, but are impressed by their musical guests – Colt Ford, Crystal Bowersox from American Idol, John Michael Montgomery, and more!  Are we missing out by skipping it?

p.s.s. We ARE going to the Nationwide Tour Championship at Daniel Island with my parents, though.  DVR’ing it – maybe we get on TV again like last year.  ;) 



Beach Count: 62   

High Temperature: 80° ← aka: NOT SNOWING (unlike the weather in my hometown!)