Tired As A Mother {Day 4}

On October 4, 2016 by Sarah

See what I did there?

#punsfordays #iampunny #puntastic

But seriously, I get cheesier as the fatigue thickens. Pretty sure we’re currently at a solid 8.5 outta 10.


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You know you’re Tired As A Mother when…

…you have bags under your eyes for days, give up alcoholic bevs for a month 25 days, but those bags still do not give up on you. Loyal, eye bags. VERY loyal.

…your eyes refuse your contacts, because, no. No entry, si vous plait. Merci beaucoup.

…you get on your “cozies” the second you get home from work and watch the clock for the kids’ bedtime your bedtime the family’s collective bedtime. But seriously, we ALWAYS get out of our real clothes immediately after arriving home. Does anyone stay “dressed” at home?! If so, WHY?

…your husband was away for 3 nights and you ended up at urgent care (thank the good Lord for my parents!!!).

…you end up fighting an infection with no fight in ya.



…your 9-month-old got¬†wind of “sleep regression” and decided to take it for a spin for approximately 2-3 weeks straight. #zombiestatus

…even thinking about your sweet baby’s upcoming surgery¬†knocks the wind out of you and darkens those bags a shade or 10.

…you wash your hair twice a week, because DRY HAIR + PONYTAILS = THE ANSWER, ALWAYS.

…you fall asleep during a Giants game (but find out in the morning, it was probably better off that way)

Saw this on the Book of Faces yesterday:



Who else is Tired As A Mother?!

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