My Birthday Gift to Me-For 31 Days {Day 1}

On October 1, 2016 by Sarah

Life is freaking busy.

Mom-ing, wife-ing, working…Boom. A new month. Bam. And another. SO MUCH JOY, but no time for anything extra. No time for me.

SO MUCH JOY, but no time for anything extra. No time for me.

We struggle to get all of the necessities taken care of around here – not for lack of trying but for lack of time. Time sure has gotten away from me and truth be told…

I am in serious me-time debt.

Sure, I catch a Real Housewives here and there while I’m doing laundry or dishes but THAT, my friends, is the extent of my me-time. I have little that is just mine these days and¬†pumping for 2 hours a day definitely does not count. (Um yup, exclusively pumping. A topic for another day!)

Writing is my best medicine. Committing to 31 days of writing is my gift to me for my birthday month of October. My gift: your curse? Ha! Let’s decide together.


Please don’t confuse my need for something that’s mine as ungratefulness, because LAWD, I am very well aware of my blessings. I thank my lucky stars every day for my serious blessings…and BOY, do I have them!

happy-momBut at the end of the day, a healthy and fulfilled ME results in reaching new heights as a Mama and wife. And I could always do better so everyone wins, right?

Call it a 31-day challenge. Therapy. Life documentation. Torture. Whatevs. Call it anything but impossible.

So JOIN ME, for a¬†busy month of a-blog-a-day. A month including a surgery, a birthday, Halloween, Mommy Moment Mondays, a family visit (or 2), growing boys, a family trip to the mountains, confessions, and I’m sure some mishaps of epic proportions, because #parenthood.


I got this, right?!

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