Maxie J is FOUR!

On August 1, 2016 by Sarah

Four years ago on July 30th, the big one was born. The one teaches me every day how to be a mom. The one who has taught me more than anyone.IMG_8098


Remember when we were certain he was going to be a girl?!

Max Joseph is FOUR YEARS OLD and we cannot believe it!




IMG_7998 (1)IMG_8009

What a joy and a roller coaster!

Our Maxie has a HUGE heart of gold, is full of happiness, and is silly as they come. He is beautifully naive and sensitive; kind and loving.


Here are some special things about our boy right now:

Max wants to save all bugs. Lately, we have had more bugs in the house than I care to admit (consistent 97 degree weather will do that). Max wants to catch and release every last one. We sure try out best, but sometimes our instincts kick in (BUGGGG!) and we do what we have to do. Poor Maxie is devastated when we have to squish them. HEART BROKEN. “Is he gonna be okay? I hope he’s gonna be okay? I just want him to be okay. He’ll just live in the garbage. He’ll just jump…he doesn’t need his wings.” Oy vey. In the same vein, I’m pretty sure he’s going to go vegan once he figures out that chicken comes from actual chickens.


“Say whattt?!”

Max and I have been counting to 100 lately. His favorite number seems to be 80 (38, 39, 80!), but he’s getting there. He also has recently discovered counting backwards and is loving that!

He has gotten much better at writing letters and much more accepting when I correct his grip. Huge improvements here!

Max loves racing and to compete in even the smallest of circumstances. He loves to run and thinks he is the fastest human of all time. We’ll be watching the Olympics soon so I can set the record straight on that. 

I know this sounds ridiculous and totally cliché, but Max is THE BEST BIG BROTHER. He worries about Leo, wants to make him happy, and misses him when he’s not around. Max can get Leo laughing like no other. They are just adorable together.



Max continues to love music and is a GREAT/hilarious dancer! His new dance is “the hiney dance.” He moves his hips JUST like his father ;)



TO EAT…POPCORN (Max is absolutely an endless pit for popcorn!), Double Stuf Oreos (because I ate NONE when I was pregnant ;)), mint chocolate chip ice cream, Hershey bars, cucumber, black beans, FRUIT, “Dada’s chicken,” Chick-fil-A chicken nuggets, chocolate milk, apple juice, WATER, chips


TO PLAY…Cars and trucks, Lego bricks, puzzles, gears, Alphabots, books, color/draw, PlayDoh

TO WATCH…Curious George, Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Octonauts, YouTube, Frozen, Cars, Inside Out, Wall-E, any show or movie really!

TO DO…Run, count, TALK (like mother, like son-poor Scott!), play with Leo, kick a soccer ball, dance

TO GO TO…THE BEACH (thank you, Jesus – he’s a beach lover like his parents!), the Aquarium, downtown Waterfront Park, playgrounds/parks, the library, Target

MISCELLANEOUS…Wearing sunglasses when he peels oranges and all day long if you let him!, checking his “number” (his weight on the scale!), helping, doing things all by himself, negotiating/making deals, his friends, his family, God



“Are you happy? I want you to be happy! Please, be happy!” when he thinks I’m mad at him!

“You’re not gonna believe this!”

The other day…Max: “Will my voice still be the same?” Me: “When?” Max: “When I’m 4?” hahaha

“Where is my brother?”

“Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” – This one is usually in regards to him getting some sort of special snack

“But, I’m busy/I’m too busy” – We usually hear this when we’re asking him to use the bathroom or when it’s time to clean up!

“Is that a sad cry or a happy cry?” whenever he sees someone crying

“I just realized…”

“Ohhhh! I have to go peepee!”

“I don’t mind/I don’t mind that!”

“No one is perfect, except for God”

“Look at this big dawg!” when he finds a big grape/blueberry/piece of food on his plate

“How many numbers is it/What number is it?” instead of “How big is it?”

“But the food is up to HERE!” pointing right below his chin when he doesn’t want to finish his meal

“Pecause” instead of “Because”

“Volcanyo” instead of “Volcano”

“Breadroom” instead of “Bedroom”

“Necklace” instead of “Netflix” – this was only a couple of times, but I still had to document it!

IMG_2141 IMG_8033

IMG_2199 IMG_7641

Maxie J,

You are the most loyal little boy with the sweetest of intentions. Many agree that your laugh is infectious…so much so that we wish we could bottle it up and save it forever. Your memory blows us away (um, you remembered where we sat a year ago at a restaurant?!). You challenge us in so many ways that make us better people, and for that, we are so grateful. We worry that we’re doing this parenting thing wrong all of the time and just look at you and know that we must be doing alright. You struggle a bit with some fears, but blow us out of the water having zero trouble with what we assume may be difficult for you. You are a follower by nature, naive and sweeter than sweet. I worry about that. We are working hard to teach you to be yourself and make choices that feel good in your heart. When I get sad about you growing up, you tell me “But, I will always be your baby” and I know that this is true. You also say that you want to live with us forever. Cheers to you building us that very large beach house that you promise…you’ll live in the East Wing while we’ll live in the West. Do me a favor and keep the fact that you quit napping over a year ago a secret. We don’t want Leo catching on. Thank you for always giving me the flower and cake Lego bricks every single time you build. It’s a special bonus when you give me that money and pretzel, too (gluten free, of course!). You are my sunshine. We are beyond blessed to have you. WE LOVE YOU, MAX JOSEPH!!! XOXO








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Stephanie Button

They grow so fast don’t they!? I hope you remember the write down all the silly things they say. I swear I couldve written a book when my daughter was that age. So cute and adventurous.

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