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I skipped month four…and I guess five, too. Oops. As you can tell, I’ve been absent from the blogging world for a while.

Summer vacation IS HERE and boy did this household need it.

Version 2


May we have a minute alone?

<insert ugly cry>

April and May were 2 of the busiest months of my life. I was ALWAYS behind the eight ball, feeling stressed and stretched thin, struggling with what I was missing and what my heart felt I should be doing.

And then…I signed a part-time contract (HALF-TIME, PEOPLE) for next school year. The stars aligned, the angels sang, and I hugged the hubs extra tight. I couldn’t be more thrilled with what this next year has to come! But for now, it’s time to get back to what makes me happiest.




IMG_7585 (1)


WEIGHT: Leo had his 6 month checkup a little early. He was 17 pounds, 10 ounces on June 9th. That’s 10 pounds up from his birth weight. 65th percentile which is like 109th for this family. This boy is SOLID! Max was less than 2 pounds heavier at ONE YEAR! We are loving those chunky thighs, but our backs and hips are not (right, Nana?!). haha

Leo’s noggin is in the 65th percentile and his height is right at 50th!

HAIR: It’s getting thicker on the top and in the front and is very, very blonde. It is still scattered and a bit darker in the back.

EYES: Still blue :)

CLOTHES: Homeboy is in mostly 9-12 month clothing with some 12-18 mixed in. We can’t believe it! There are a few 6-9 month clothing items that still fit, but not too much. We swear his thighs are thicker than Max’s and they continue to be super delicious! Leo is wearing clothing that Max wore at 11/12 months old! We were worried that, although we had boy clothing, that the seasons were going to be all wrong (Max has a summer birthday and Leo, winter). Well, worry no more. It’s working out so far!


Sweet potatoes!

EATING: Leo takes 5-6 bottles a day of approximately 6 ounces, give or take. We are still barely feeding the boy food (the scale says not to worry!). We got the green light from his pediatrician at 4 months, but we were so not ready. I still really am not. Food allergy fear from big brother? Maybe.

So far he has had rice cereal (WOOF!), avocado, sweet potato, carrots, and applesauce. I pureed the veggies myself (which I never did with Max). We’ll see how it all progresses. We aren’t on a schedule with feeding him food yet. At all. Don’t judge.

Oh, and did I mention that I am exclusively pumping?

<insert that intensely frowned face emoji>

After returning to work, Leo decided taking a bottle was all the rage and that nursing was for babies. Really small ones. So, 2+ hours of being assaulted by the pump a day is where I’m at and have been for 2 months. I’ve had to stop/leave fun activities to pump. I’ve pumped in the car. I even got special permission to leave the Zac Brown Band Southern Ground Music & Food Festival to go home and pump and then go back. No re-entry policy and Mama’s not pumping in a bathroom stall. PREACH.

No formula yet but I’m toying with doing one bottle a day to give me some relief. We’ll see. Good times. Great oldies. Halfway there.


SLEEPING: Leo has increased awake time, but still sleeps a good bit with 3 solid naps a day. He have regressed in the sleeping-through-the-night department. We had a good run there for a little while. He wakes up once or twice a night, about 50/50. He is typically easy…wanting a bottle and then going right back to sleep. But still. ZzZzZzZ.

Also, he’s barely putting himself to sleep. He’s falling asleep in our arms 80% of the time. It’s working for now.

Scott and I take turns waking up every other night, so that’s nice. A perk to not nursing, I guess!

Max was solidly sleeping through the night at 4 months, but we also had him in his crib by then. Leo? He’s still in our room. He graduated from the Rock ‘n Play a short month ago when I caught him trying to enter the gymnastic olympic trials. No bueno. Now he is sleeping in his Pack ‘n Play in our room, except for falling asleep during nap times occasionally in his swing. I continue to be in no true rush to transition him to his crib upstairs (while we’re down). But I am getting closer…I am getting the itch. However, we know that we need to get through our NY trip before making this big change if we want it to be successful. He’ll be sleeping in our room in a Pack ‘n Play for 9 nights while on vacation.

I am also extremely worried that he’ll wake up Maxie in the night and I am NOT INTERESTED in that situation. 1 good sleeper + 1 bad sleeper = 2 bad sleepers? No thanks! We’ll get there!


NICKNAMES: (The) little one, chunky monkey, chunk-a-munk, punkin, punkin pie, cutie patootie, sweet pea, boo boo bear, love muffin, sweet potato, bruiser, Leo Jamesie(s), Leo, and Leo James!

FUNNY THINGS/MOMENTS: Leo is SO NOISY when he is falling asleep. He grunts and hums and hums and grunts. His Papa calls it “The Chant.” It’s pretty funny!

When he’s really happy/excited, Leo sticks out his tongue. It’s pretty adorable, but can also get a little out of control. He’s told often to “Put that tongue away, Mr.!”

Leo also kicks and throws his arms around like a crazy person when he’s excited. ADORABLE!


LEO’S LIKES: Being held, rolling around (both ways), sitting up being rocked horizontally when tired, jumping in his Jumperoo (10/15 minutes), Mama’s milk, sitting up pretty independently(!), “standing,” putting his/our/your hands in his mouth, his feet, music, car rides, being tickled, interactive songs like “Itsy Bitsy Spider,” “Old McDonald,” “Wheels On The Bus,” and “Patty Cake,” looking in the mirror, when you act like a complete silly fool, briefly sucking his thumb…chewing on it really, his family but specifically HIS BROTHER-MAXIE!, pulling hair, rubbing/pulling on my face when falling asleep (HEART EYES FOR DAYS), baths, playing with crinkle books, sleeping on his belly, the pool.

LEO’S DISLIKES: Pacis (what?!), getting buckled in the carseat and waiting for the car to move, being left alone, being left in one position/place for too long (more than 10/15 minutes…stinker), getting his nose sucked for boogies, the beach?


Evidence of nonstop, happy flailing!

RANDOM: The teething is real. He is constantly looking for things to chew on. If there’s nothing available and he’s sick of his own fingers, he will chew on his tongue. Oy. Those bottom teeth are definitely close!

The drool is also real.

Beach trips with both boys have been extremely stressful. Read: NOT FUN. Wahhh! Pool trips seem much more manageable, at this point.

Leo is definitely not talking yet, but he very closely mimics “MAMAMA” when he is really upset. Ha-of course when he’s upset. Still love it, though.

Leo’s first airplane ride will be at the end of the month (and the first that Max will remember). All the things and stuff and worries and lack of hands…HOLD ME. Max’s first flight home from NY included de-icing the plane in Baltimore for 2 hours while waiting on the tarmac and an ear infection. #memories NEW YORK – we’re coming for YOU! (Amen to not driving 17 hours, though.)

Max and Leo are the cutest together. Remember all of my worries? Laid to rest, thankfully :)




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you make some cute kids, my friend. cute kids. :)

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