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On March 24, 2016 by Sarah

THIS is a thoroughly accurate depiction of my life right now. Of the importance. Of the good stuff.

St. Paddy's

Max is somewhat cooperating, but taking liberty with directions and expectations. He is complaining about the sun in his eyes on a warm but cloudy day. He is small but large in personality and compassion and love.

He was “Born Lucky.”

Leo is straight up refusing to cooperate. He is doing his own thing, exploring this new place, being all big and growing by the second. He is wonderfilled and wonderful.

He is the “Luckiest Baby in the World.”

And this chick. Rumpled, smelly old me. With crunchy hair and baby flub to spare <note the midsection>. Deliriously happy and confused and overwhelmed. Full to the brim. I absolutely wouldn’t have it any other way.


Lucky, lucky me.

Parade 3

Parade 4


Parade 2

Parade 1

Plus, this Nana and Papa.


Loving on our babies each and every day. So present and loving. We are so blessed that they live right across the street!

And although not in the picture above, my life lately cannot be covered without mentioning this guy.

Scott and babies

It’s all because of him.

He asked me. He gave me the babies. He supports me and loves me and gets me when I don’t even get me. #AmenToThat

Yesterday was one of those dates. March 23rd was my first day back to work, post-Leo. Add that to the other March 23rd-ness. 

But this guy. The most wonderful guy.

I am just so grateful and happy and in love with my life.

It’s crazy and busy and exhausting and just as it should be.

Did you see that baby handholding? I just can’t.

So grateful.

And that is my life lately…

Life is good :)

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Gerrie DePaul

Wonderful wirk Sarah. Kids are dolls:)

Jenn Hufland

Ok I’m hysterically crying, yup a complete mess! The day to day can be tough but at the end of those days you can’t help but be grateful for your life. I get it….I live it too. So happy for you guys and can’t wait to meet Mr. Leo!

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