Three Months Old {Leo James}

On March 16, 2016 by Sarah

Leo James turned 3 months on Monday. Look at this cutie!!!



WEIGHT: Little chunker was 12 pounds 8 ounces at his 2 month appointment (75th percentile, at the time!).  His next appointment is not for a couple of weeks, so we shall see. I would guess that he’s gain at least a pound. Chunky monkey!

HAIR: Still very little, scattered, and varied. Darker and longer on top, lighter and shorter in the front. Ha!

EYES: A little bluer than before, maybe? Trying not to get too excited!  ;)

CLOTHES: It all depends! Leo wear some 0-3 and 3 month clothing, but mostly 3-6 and 6 month with some 6-9 month stuff sprinkled in. Quite the range! He has thigh rolls that Max never had and they are SO yummy! I am struggling with getting his wardrobe ready for summer because Max was in 9-12 month clothes his first summer and I am pretty sure Leo will be right there. I am hoping so because that will save us a bundle. At the same time-holy big baby, Batman! We embrace it :)

EATING: We still aren’t REALLY on a schedule, but we are getting closer. Since I’m still home, briefly (#ALLTHETEARS), I really don’t care about a true schedule. Leo is a more efficient eater and/or I’m a more efficient food provider this time, so nursing sessions are far shorter than they were with Max. I typically pump 1-2 times a day (WOOF!) and he has a bottle about once a day for one reason or another. Big changes coming soon in this arena :(


SLEEPING: Leo has increased awake time, but still sleeps a lot. He sleeps completely through the night about half the time and wakes up once on the others. He is all business in the night and it really doesn’t bother me to tend to him once. At this point, I absolutely thank the good Lord above for solid sleepers. He is sleeping most often in his swing and rock ‘n play sleeper (in our room) but snoozes often in my arms and has a few times in his crib. I am in no rush to transition him to his crib upstairs (while we’re down) anytime soon. No giddy-up in my step AT ALL this time around. Hello, last baby. No rush. GET OFF MY BACK!

We are taking out the Pack ‘N Play this afternoon – it’s time for him to start getting used to sleeping on a flat surface with more space.

NICKNAMES: The little one, little love, little man, chunky monkey, Mr. Magoo, cutie patootie, junior, punkin, punkin pie, sweet pea, boo boo bear, and love muffin. Leo Jamesies, Leo, and Leo James, too! :)

FUNNY THINGS/MOMENTS: Leo just started truly laughing. Usually it happens when tickled on his neck and/or on his inner thighs. I can get him to laugh sometimes by just being my crazy self.

It is the biggest joy to hear that sweet laugh. Music to my ears!

LEO’S LIKES: BEING HELD, rocking, trying to sit up, trying to put his hands in his mouth, his paci, music, his swing, being nursed, drinking bottles, being warm, car rides, noise, being tickled on his inner thighs and his neck, interactive songs like “Itsy Bitsy Spider” and “Old McDonald,” briefly playing on his playmat (briefly),

LEO’S DISLIKES: Tummy time, getting buckled in the carseat and waiting for the car to start moving (also being stuck in traffic – AKA: NOT MOVING), being cold, BATHS, being left alone, getting his nose sucked for boogies, having lotion applied.


RANDOM: Leo has dry skin on his head, poor little bugger. Nothing terrible, but it’s been persistent.

Little man appears to be teething already. He is very drooly and blows saliva bubbles like it’s his job.

Leo partially rolled onto his belly the other day. No more walking away from him unless he’s in the middle of the bed!

Max has refused to kiss Leo on the lips ever since he was born. At bedtime (and other times), he kissed him on the head and sometimes on his hand, leg, and other places. It was just one of his things and we didn’t want to force him to do anything he wasn’t comfortable doing. Well, this past week, he finally kissed Leo on the lips and it was ADORABLE. There’s no turning back after you kiss those wet, little lips. :)


Have a great day, friends! Maxie and I are off to the beach for a date day! :)

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Sarah, he is another doll!! Jon better move down there too:)
We miss all of you! Great job!

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