I Confess {#3}

On March 10, 2016 by Sarah

Here we go!

I confess…

–I have less than 2 weeks of maternity leave left and I wish it would NEVER end :( #tearsfordays

–I had a much needed night out last night filled with consignment shopping, wine, and nachos and BOY did I need it.  Thanks, Christina!  :) xo


Some of my loot

–During my 4 hours away, Scott texted me saying “Deeper appreciation.” Sweet validation – thanks, hubs!

–The other day, Max asked me, “Why don’t they have any teef?” when speaking of the characters on Daniel Tiger. I did not have an answer for him. Why don’t they? What an observant little one!

Daniel Tiger

–We barely have any family pictures since Leo joined this family. We barely have any photos including him with anyone else. Just him alone and a few with Max. We need to get on it. It’s stressing me out and giving me anxiety! Life is just so busy, busy!!! #secondchildsyndrome


My almost 3 month old in a 6 month romper!

–Direct TV is officially at stalker status. Give it up!!! We happily got rid of you a year and a half ago and embrace not paying that ridiculous bill. No matter the deal or the begging, we are NOT in. Quit killing trees already!!!

–I NEVER MAKE it when I throw things in the garbage can in our bathroom. NEVER. I literally can be dropping a tissue in from right above it and still miss it. So annoying!

–This brings me to the use of tissues in this house. I 100% guarantee you that we go through more tissues in this house than yours. It is RIDICULOUS! We seriously need to start buying them at Costco because they end up on our weekly list! We have a box in each car, in our bedroom, in the family room, and in each of the boys’ rooms. Allergies are upon us and the tissue usage can’t stop, won’t stop. Our (nonexistent) family photo should be on the side of the dang boxes!

–I cannot tell you the amount of hours that have been filled with bouncing/kicking a balloon around this week. It’s hours of entertainment for Max…try it with your toddler!


–We get our new dining room table today and we are PUMMMMMPPPPED! Pics to come :) I treated our new table to some beautiful hydrangeas from Trader Joe’s yesterday. They are ready to go! But…

–I suck at arranging flowers. I always pick the wrong vase and need to cut them 2 or 3 times before getting it right. Rightish. I did not get the the flower knack, that is fo sho!

–This forecast!!!  The beach is in our future!


Happy almost weekend, loves!  :)

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Marie - Family and the Lake House

Ha. I never noticed that they didn’t have any teeth! How observant! LOL! Guuuurl, I never make it when I attempt a garbage can free throw, either! I also tend to drop my deodorant all.the.time. Why? Why is that?! Haha! Have a great week!

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