Mommy Moment Monday

On March 7, 2016 by Sarah

That Mommy Moment when you schedule a sick visit appointment for your big one and have to be there in 30 minutes. You’ve showered, but have yet to put on your face, need to get the big one to go pee, get his shoes, on, and stop saying that his ear doesn’t hurt anymore. The little one is sleeping and 45 gazillion things need to be packed into the car. Oh, and it takes 15-20 minutes to get there.

That Mommy Moment when, somehow, you pull all of that off including getting said children in the car without tears or yelling and get on the road IN TIME to get there ON TIME. ON TIME, as in NOT LATE. ON TIME!

That Mommy Moment when traffic stops 3/4 of a mile from the doctor’s office and you have 3 minutes to get there. Only one light is between you and being supermom and you see it quickly slip away. Because through the windshield of that truck in front of you, you see emergency vehicle lights.

That Mommy Moment when your 12 week old loses his mind because FOR ALL THE LOVE-CAN WE JUST MOVE A LITTLE EVERY NOW AND FREAKING THEN?

That Mommy Moment when 3/4 of a mile takes 20 minutes. Twenty minutes full of ear piercing screaming and lateness.

That Mommy Moment when your children are angels in the doctor’s office and the big one does in fact have an ear infection.

That Mommy Moment when you’ve lost yet another year off of your life, but it was totally worth it to take care of your kids.

Ahhh, just the first of many Mommy Moment Mondays on this here blog.

Just keeping it real, one Monday at a time :)


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