And The Winner Is…

On March 4, 2016 by Sarah

Leonardo DiCaprio!

Leo James Trottier!


I love me some Leonardo DiCaprio. No, we didn’t name our child after him and no, our child’s full name is not Leonardo. Just Leo. Just Max. Moving on!  

I was very happy that Leo(nardo) finally scored his first Oscar win. Guy is a GREAT actor and brings his parents to award shows (sweet!)! A bit of a playboy and a sidemouth talker (a lazy lip, maybe? have you noticed that?!), but that Academy Award was SO well deserved! I wish I had stayed awake to watch the win live, but making it beyond 11pm is asking a lot of this Mama.

Hearing of Leo’s win lead me to think of a seriously logical thought…What would my sweet Leo’s acceptance speech be if he won his first Oscar…today? No doubt, all of you Mamas were thinking that too, right? Ha! I know – I’m a strange bird. If The Academy were full of child development specialists (or just plain ol’ grown-ups who like babies) and all of the nominees were 0-12 month olds, what category would sweet Leo win? Get a life – I know! Listen – it was a silly reason to get my boy dressed in a bow tie!

Best Overall Baby  ~  0-3 month category


His carefree lookIMG_6625

His “Zoolander” lookIMG_4218


And the Winner of the Golden Pacifier is…


<cue the music-I’d say maybe Itsy Bitsy Spider?>

(Acceptance speech, per my very active imagination)

Thank you! Thank you, everyone! Please sit lay down (because, babies!).

First and foremost, I’d like to thank my mom. Namely, her milk makers. They keep me well fed, happy, and comforted. I am, without a doubt, a boob man. {heavy applause} Secondly, I’d like to thank my family for always supporting me, as well as my head, and for being there for me in times of need. That pacifier sure is slippery, my burps can be stubborn, and–gosh darnit–I love to be rocked to sleep. I have come a long way in my short life (remember when I woke up every 2 hours?!), {laughter} but still have a long way to go. I want to remember this moment forever, but unfortunately I have heard that I won’t remember a thing. WHAT a shame. Oh shoot. The hiccups. Better wrap this up. Thank you to my whole team…you know who you are. Max, thanks for always keeping me laughing and Dad, you’re my hero. PEACE and KINDNESS, y’all! ;)

That night, Leo would cluster feed and end the night looking a little like this…milk drunk.



Haha – thanks for humoring me!

Thanks for the cute shirt with the bow tie, Aunt TiTi!

Well, he IS a winning baby in my book! He slept through the night last night and charms the pants off of me on a daily basis.

What baby award would your baby win? Best smile? Strongest lungs? Chubbiest thighs? haha Please share!!!

Happy weekend, friends!

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