I Confess {#2}

On February 25, 2016 by Sarah

I’m baaaack and linking up with Jess at The Newly with some confessions!

I Confess…

— I ALWAYS wear my seatbelt. Like to drive 5 houses down to my parents’ house, to the mailbox, ANYWHERE. I don’t understand why you wouldn’t ALWAYS wear one. There’s a traffic sign on our local highway begging for peeps to wear their seatbelts because it’s the law. How about, because it’s common sense? It also says there were 950 vehicle deaths in SC just last year. Buckle up no matter what, friends. Don’t be a dummy.

–This eyeliner video is hilarious. I’ve SO been there! Who hasn’t, am I right ladies?! Hopefully it works for ya! It is beyond worth the 1 minute of your life.

When you suck at eyelinerEverything that goes through your head when you’re trying to perfect that cat eye. Because the EYELINER STRUGGLE IS REAL.

Posted by HelloGiggles on Tuesday, February 9, 2016

— Max continues to be VERY into LEGO blocks. Did you know that it is incorrect to call them LEGOS? LEGO is a company and should not be converted into a plural. This is a huge pet peeve of my brother’s that has become a huge pet peeve of mine. Let’s start a movement, people! I guess technically they are bricks and not blocks, but listen – one big change at a time. lol #LEGOBrickS


— While on the topic of LEGO bricks (practice makes perfect!), Max just started doing the cutest thing. Every couple of days, he grabs one of the bigger DUPLO bricks, puts it up to his ear and says, “I can hear the ocean. Can you hear it?” and puts it to one of our ears. OMG. So cute!


— I use an app to keep track of feedings, medicine, baths, and diaper changes for Leo. I’ll eventually use it track sleep, as well. I used it for Max, too; it is a lifesaver! It is called Baby Connect and I highly recommend it. Anyway…I CONFESS that we have gone through 511 diapers in Leo’s 70 days of life (at home). HOLY DIAPERS, BATMAN!

— I watch Ellen just about everyday. (I have already confessed, I watch WAY too much TV!) There was a Cover Girl commercial on and Max said, “Mama, is that Ellen?”  Haha – yes, sir, it is!


— I have replaced the waterproof-mascara-from-hell with my usual and life is so much more manageable. AND BONUS: I think I almost got all of that hellacious stuff off. A week later. Suggestion from me to to you, Cover Girl – make the packaging different for different mascaras!!! Many eyelashes depend on this!!!

— Sometimes I look forward to Max’s time outs. He only goes there a few times a week. Now that he is 3 and half, we have bumped the time expectation from 3 to 4 minutes. The rule is that we pay absolutely no attention to him while he’s there. If Leo is sleeping during those 4 minutes, do you know how many things I am able to get done in that time?! It’s glorious! #4minutesoffreedom

— This is SO me.


Also, answering the door when you’re not expecting anyone. No dice.

— This yummy baby. LOVE!!!!!!!

10 Weeks

I could go on…but I’ll save some for next Thursday!

Happy Day, friends!  :)

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4 minutes of freedom, ha! i love it. love your lego grammar talk. you’re the best!


Omg YES! I always feel bad but I never answer my phone if it’s a number I don’t recognize or the door for anyone I’m not expecting!!!! Even when the door-to-door solicitors can literally see me through the windowpane by my door, I’m usually breastfeeding and ain’t no way in hell I’m coming to answer you with my boob out, lawn man. Haha!


    I know! My boob could be out at a moment’s notice and I know that guy at the door can hear my TV on and sees my car in the driveway. Still not answering! Haha :)

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