Two Months Old {Leo James}

On February 19, 2016 by Sarah

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WEIGHT: Little chunker was 12 pounds 8 ounces at his 2 month appointment this week. That is the 75th percentile, people. MY KID!!! ha! His length was 65th percentile and his head circumference was the 50th!  Watch out, Max!

HAIR: Very little-ha!

EYES: Still the steel blue non-color.

CLOTHES: Leo is in all 0-3 month and 3 month clothing. He’s has recently moved up to size 2 diapers. He has definitely chunked up and most of his pants are NOT too long (which is shocking in this family!).  We often have to fold his sleeves up just a tad, though.  He may join the “no shoulders to hold up clothes” club along with Maxie and me.  I want to get his Easter outfit while there are great sales (Max has requested matching outfits <insert a million heart eyes>), but I have no idea what size he’s going to be yet!  I suppose I will hold off for now…

EATING: Leo continues to nurse like a pro…still not on a schedule. He usually goes 3-4 hours between feedings during the day. He has slept through the night (10:30-5:30) more than a handful of times which is very exciting (the last nights included)! Typically though, he wakes up once a night between 1:30 and 3:30. I really can’t complain!

SLEEPING: A LOT still, but his awake time is more varied now. He is starting to “play” some while he’s awake (cooing and batting at his toys). He is very interested in toys that are hanging from the top of his playmat. Another strong interest is to be held while he’s awake…A LOT!  He is sleeping most often in his swing and rock ‘n play sleeper (in our room).  Pretty sure his favorite spot is in Mommy’s arms, though.  <3

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NICKNAMES: The little one, Leo the Lion, chunker, chunky monkey, Mr. Magoo (because he says “goo” a lot!), junior (as in Scott’s mini), punkin, boo boo bear, love muffin (a few of the same names that we called and still sometimes call Max!).  I call him Leo James mostly, though!

FUNNY THINGS/MOMENTS: Leo laughs while he sleeps once or twice a day and it’s ADORABLE!  It is a straight up belly chuckle and it is THE BEST!

He is very jumpy! Leo startles at least 10 times a day, often by noises that HE makes (like a noise while he’s nursing or a sneeze). Poor thing – haha.

LEO’S LIKES: Being held, rocking, music, his swing, being nursed, diaper changes (shocking!), being warm, car rides, noise, hearing animal noises (especially a duck and cow, but NOT a horse – ha!), laying on his back on the playmat (briefly), “talking.”

LEO’S DISLIKES: Tummy time, getting buckled in the carseat and waiting for the car to start moving, bright lights when he’s tired, being cold, cold hands, baths, being left alone, getting his nose sucked for boogies.

Version 2

RANDOM: He’s still undecided about the paci, but we sure keep it handy! I’d say he takes it 50% of the time it’s offered.

Leo’s head support continues to get stronger. I really look forward to being able to put him in my hip because this chunker gives me a sore back some days!

Scott is back to work (BOO!), but remains an AMAZING parent to both of our boys. He doesn’t “help,” he is my partner and 50/50 in this and for that, I am extremely grateful! He gets that while he’s at work, I too am at work. I try to have the state of the house not any worse than when he left for work. It’s been tough, because WE MISS HIM, but we all just cherish our time together even more. The weekends are so fun!!!

Leo continues to smile when he makes solid eye contact with his family members. It melts my heart and helps me to forgive him more quickly for the poop-to-the-shoulder-blades from the moment before. OHHHH, the poop!

Leo still looks like Scott’s mini-me, in my opinion. He is constantly changing, as infants do, so stay tuned.

Seeing Leo and Max together still makes my heart swell.  Max is always concerned with Leo’s wellbeing, location, and situation. Max finds Leo hilarious and adorable and has not shown even an inkling of jealousy to this point. Leo is one lucky little brother!!! Leo is starting to look around for his big brother when he hears his voice. So sweet!

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That’s it for now! Leo is a healthy little boy who brings nothing but joy to this family.  Well and poop…lots of poop!

Until next time! xoxo



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