I Confess…

On February 18, 2016 by Sarah

I’ve been wanting to write a weekly post, including all the randomness that life offers.  Jess over at The Newly has recently started a link up and I am SO in!  I’ve been following Jess’s blog since 2011/2012ish.  She has 2 beautiful children and has done a much better job keeping up with her blog while juggling life than I.  Total mom crush ;)

So bear with me peeps, as I am a link up virgin.  Who knows if I’m even going to do this right.

Without further ado, Confessional Thursday…

I Confess…

— I mistakenly ordered the wrong mascara online.  Total fail.  If you want mascara to stay on forever-until-the-end-of-time-Amen, order this stuff…


I always get waterproof mascara, but this stuff is no joke.

Don’t mind me.  I’ll be in the bathroom repeatedly rubbing my brittle eyelashes with loads of eye makeup remover until my vision goes blurry.  #thepriceofbeauty

— This shirt.  Is hilarious.  And so me (in the summertime).  Want.  HA!


— I have an internal struggle going on with Christmas cards…since, like, the year 2005.  Y’all, what do you do with yours?  Keep ’em from year to year (resulting in the need to rent a storage unit) or throw them out?  Does it depend?  I feel so guilty throwing them away but cannot.take.the.clutter lately.  HELP!  <Small townhouse and family of 4 problems.>

— We watch WAY too much TV in this house and I am not upset about it.  When I turn it off for the occasional dance party or quiet time, I miss it.  There, I said it.  

— In related news, I’ve been reading this book (a page at at time, ahem) since December.


Get it together, Trottier.  I like it and am into it.  I just suck at taking the time to relax and read.

— This weather forecast makes me do a happy dance!


We have some fun plans this weekend…and I may even convince Scott that we need a walk on the beach on Sunday!

— We just ordered a locally and custom-made farmhouse table and we could not be more excited.  Our current table is from our first apartment circa the year 2006 or so from…wait for it…K-Mart.  It’s a high top table that we are so over.  It’s time for our “family table.”

Now we’re on the hunt for the perfect chairs, that don’t break the bank (yikes-they’re expensive!).  We’re looking for the tufted style.  Suggestions?  Target is always our go-to ;)

— Fitting into my pre-pregnancy jeans got me like…

Yosub happy real housewives yes rhony

The muffin top it creates got me like…

real housewives whatever rhony countess luann real housewives of new york

OMG-that was too much fun!  Can’t wait to do this weekly!!!

Check back tomorrow for Leo’s 2 mo update.  Promise!  It’s already written (and spoiler alert: 75th percentile for weight!)!



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Ha!! LOVE that shirt!! We need those!!! Describes me perfectly! :)
Christmas cards… all (except our family one) go bye-bye… so sad.. but true..
I hear ya on the book front… I’ve been reading one for probably six months.. yikes!!
Where did you order the table from?? One of those is on my list!! I think Mike might try to build one … but just in case ;)
Yay to you for pre-preggo jeans!!!!! Time to celebrate!! :)
Our counter stools/chairs are from Target and we like them – they’ve held up pretty good so far! And I’m sure they were under $100 each… it was the best deal I could find..


    I may need to follow your lead on the Christmas cards. I LOVE getting them, but it’s overwhelming when the season comes to a close!!! I’ll text you the info on the table. I’ll be happy to share it on the blog when we get it and LOVE it :) I can’t remember your chairs or stools exactly, but I remembering thinking that I like them! You can’t lose with Target…ever. :)

Joelle Gilmore

great post, sarah-so fun! I also need that shirt!


Look at that baby!!! What a cutie. That book is good. Not Gone Girl good, but still good. How do you deal with waterproof mascara? IT DOES NOT COME OFF!!! xo


    Thanks, love! I haven’t been dealing well with THIS waterproof mascara, I’ll tell ya that. I may need eyelash implants. But seriously, I am too much of a baby to have non-waterproof mascara. I can never keep it together! ;)


Ok….Xmas cards…. Take a pic of the pic on the card, and use it as a friends caller id pic when they call you! Then update next year.

Got great parsons chairs at stein mart. $59 each….got 4!!! Super comfy and look nice.
Ps. Leo is adorns


    Thanks! Okay – that seems like too much work with the Christmas cards. I think they’re going to be meeting the recycling bin really soon.
    I just looked up those chairs online – thanks for the tip! How much longer until baby number 2 of you, lady? You are getting so close!!!

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