Three and a Half {Max Joseph}

On February 8, 2016 by Sarah



Max-a-doodle-doo was 3 and half on January 30th.  CANNOT BELIEVE we’re a half a year to another birthday.  His 4th!  Crazytown!  I want to document who is he right now, because the boy is changing so quickly!


LOVES…Racing cars and trucks (always!), Jake and the Neverland Pirates, books & the library, the singer Cam-particularly “Burning House” and “Mayday,” the beach (AMEN!), running, pink & purple, YouTube videos with cars, trucks, PlayDoh & baking (lol), Oreos, Hershey Bars, mint chocolate chip ice cream, your family, baby brother “Weo James,” other kids (especially his “buddy, E-fin”), kissing his brother on the forehead, helping Daddy cook, helping Mommy do laundry, Lego blocks all-day-errrr-day, his big boy bed (it’s nicer than ours!), Movie Nights (movie, popcorn, fireplace, and candle), playing soccer, pooping on the potty (hello, 3 times a day, on average!)

FAVORITE TOYS…Cars and trucks, car tracks, puzzles, Lego blocks(!!!), books, Alphabots, anything that resembles a sword or telescope, gears, PlayDoh

FAVORITE BOOKS…Various but he loves anything with monsters, space, or cars/trucks in them and also loves “I Spy” type books

IMG_9810 (1)

FAVORITE TV SHOWS…Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Octonauts, Curious George, Sheriff Callie, Justin Time…I could go on for days.  Homeboy loves his TV shows.  –>Mother of the Year over here<–

FAVORITE MOVIES…Inside Out, Wall-E, & Frozen (I LOVE these 3), Cars (eh), Madagascar movies (bleh)

FAVORITE ANIMALS…Turtles and any ocean animal.  Loves the idea of all animals but is very aware that he is allergic to cats and dogs, so he likes them from afar

DISLIKES…When I ask him to go pee, trying new foods…STILL!!!, long car rides, getting a hair cut, napping (as in, hasn’t happened in 6 months!), slides and swings, cooperating while on Skype/Facetime and talking on the phone, getting his picture taken!!!


KNOWLEDGE…He still use the longest and most complex sentences with quite the vocabulary bank, he has an awesome sense of humor (and understands some awesome humor as well!), counts to 26, identifies uppercase and lowercase letters and tells what sound they make, IDs shapes and numbers 1-10, is working on writing letters and numbers, has gotten pretty good at cutting but still needs supervision, IDs many states on a map, recalls so much information, knows more song lyrics than I, understands how babies work (“Mama-he’s either hungry, wants to be held, needs a new diaper, or has a bellyache.  That’s it!”)…the list goes on!  He continues to be a smart, smart cookie!

STILL WORKING ON…Holding a writing utensil correctly, drinking from an open cup, successfully wearing underwear to bed without accidents

PERSONALITY…Extremely friendly with adults and kids, polite for a 3 year old, observant, inquisitive, kind and caring, silly, loving, shy around strangers



“I can’t calm down!”

“Speaking of cheese…” – ha!

“It’s a happy day!”


“I don’t fink” for “I don’t think”

“Member?” for “Remember?”

“Where is baby brother?”

“Can you tell me the choices?” – when it comes to food, shows, movies, games, etc.

“I need help”

“Can you way with me for a witto bit?” instead of “Can you lay with me for a little bit” – EVERY night!

“I don’t wanna go pee pee!”

“OH – I need to POOP!”

“Ooo-Faaa!” when something is shocking…something that Papa says

“Leave the way” instead of “Lead the way”

“Pecause” instead of “Because”

“I don’t want my food to get foggy” instead of “soggy”

“I bless you’d” – when he sneezes

“Just trust me!”

“I promise!”

“I sorta…”

Me – “Max, what’s a beard?”  Max – “A drink for Daddys!”

Leo was wailing.  “Leo, cry if you love me.  pause  He loves me!

IMG_6334 (1) IMG_6454 IMG_5352

Max – You still make us laugh constantly.  You are so protective of your brother and have not shown one lick of jealousy since he has joined our family.  A few times, you have even mentioned Mama having another baby.  HA!  SEE THAT!  TOLD YOU YOU WERE FUNNY!  You are still a little peanut.  You have no hips or hiney, just like your Daddy (sorry, Scott!), so you still struggle to keep up pants that are sized 2t.  Shirts are 4t, so you are definitely growing taller.  We try and try and try to “get your number up,” but you still haven’t hit 30 pounds.  PEANUT!  Leo may beat you to it, little man!  You surprise us with your imagination, thoughts, and ideas everyday!  You have such a zest for life and are always on the go.  At the same time, you love lazy, at home days just like your Mama.  Your hugs and kisses are still the best, even though you wipe off every single kiss.  You have shown such resilience with becoming a big brother.  It’s been amazing to watch your heart immediately grow along with ours.  What an awesome big brother!  You are special, big one.  I LOVE YOU!  xoxo

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Love that Max!!! :) Love his sayings… so funny the stuff they come out with!! The other day Ethan said “As a matter of fact..” and I nearly died of laughter

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