Five Things on Friday {1-22-16}

On January 22, 2016 by Sarah

Five Things on Friday, because randomness abounds when you are at home with a newborn and a toddler!  Enjoy!

1. I have joined the club I said I’d never join.  I’ve entered the dark side.  These leggings = my pants and there’s no turning back.  Feel free to judge; I certainly have.  But, I’ve evolved and become a firm leggings-as-pants believer and I am in lurrrrrve!

Leggings 22. There has been lots of TV in my life over the last 5 weeks!  Both in the middle of the night while nursing as well as during the mornings (morning/daytime TV is pretty darn AWFUL!).  Shows I’m currently watching: Married at First Sight on A&E, Mr. Robot on USA (with the hubs), and Gilmore Girls on Netflix.  I never watched Gilmore Girls before and I am LOVING it!!!  Where in the world have I been?  I also have been binge-watching Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Vanderpump Rules on the Bravo app.  Guilty pleasures, for sure!  Much deserved, I say.

real housewivesI found this article about what to binge watch while on maternity leave…there are some good ideas in there.  Some I’ve already conquered (I’m looking at you, Friends!).  Sidenote: I need to get some more reading done during the day!

3. Yesterday, I showered for the first time without Scott in the house with the baby sleeping in another room.  I didn’t wash my hair, but legs were shaved without injury.  WIN!  (Sure, the big one was at school but still!)

4. Today, I pumped.  Wahhh – and so it begins!  Scott’s birthday’s in a few days so our first date night is upon us.  Yay for that!!!  #cleaningthepartsthough #nursingproblems #cowstatus


Anything for this little dude ;)

5. We had a successful garage sale last weekend that is allowing us to do a mini-makeover in our family room (new bookcase, rug, and ottoman).  It is SO refreshing to get a chance to, well, refresh the location where you spend the majority of your time.  It feels GREAT!  Even Max seems to feel happier with and in the space!

BONUS (and best!): My brother has been working on developing this app for over a year.  It’s called KnowMe and it is AWESOME!  It launched yesterday and every single one of you needs to check it out!  The founder and CEO, as well as Jon’s boss, is Andrew Jarecki.  You may recognize the name from many a project, including producer of Catfish (the movie) and The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst.  Yes, Mr. Jarecki was Robert Durst’s interviewer in the documentary!  

In a nutshell, the app is “The easiest way to make a video using all the media on your phone.”  It is easy peasy, fast, and FREE (currently available on iOS only, I believe)!  I can’t wait to play around and let everyone get to KnowMe on Instagram.  SO FUN!  Check it out, peeps!



Happy Weekend!  I’ll be back next week!!!  :)

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that is awesome your brother made an app!! girlfriend, leggings are the shiiiiiit. i have some fleece-line leggings from loft and omg they are so soft and cozy. and look at that baby face. so many awwwws. hope all is well xoxo


    Check out the app – seriously. It’s pretty awesome sauce! It snowed here in Chs today – I could use some fleece-line leggings right about now! Thanks, love…I love being a Mommy to these boys! We should grab a coffee when you head back to Chucktown (if ever?!). Love seeing how happy you are in Boston :) xoxo

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