Baby T #2 {35 Weeks!}

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*Week 35*



35 Weeks NOW


35 Weeks Pregnant with Max in June 2012IMG_5143

Percentage Cooked: 88% (woah!)

Baby Size: 5ish pounds

Countdown to Baby: 4 weeks!  (It’s been 8 weeks since my last update…so sorry about it!)

Symptoms: Let’s see…

Those horrendous Shingles hung on pretty hardcore for 8 weeks or so.  I still have flare ups fairly regularly, but they are manageable.  I weaned myself off of that medication when the pain subsided to about half of what it was at the worst…which took FAR too long.  I probably would’ve taken the meds longer had I not a new diagnosis to manage.  Gestational Diabetes.

Those cupcakes and that sweet tea caught up with me.  After failing the 1-hour and then 3-hour glucose test, it was confirmed that I have Gestational Diabetes.  It wasn’t close-my numbers were way too high.  As if Celiac Disease isn’t enough!  Ever since taking a Gestational Diabetes course a few days after diagnosis, I have been religiously pricking my finger 4 times a day to check my glucose number and adjusting as needed.  I feel pretty restricted and have a pity party at least once a week – but it could ALWAYS be worse.  Luckily, it has been diet controlled (for the most part) – so no meds…yet, anyway.  It has been frustrating and HARD, but I’m getting through it.  More on this in a later post!

Tons of peeing.

Sore and minorly swollen feet, come end of day.

Some heart palpitations.  I think.  Yikes.  Stressed much?!

Just plain discomfort at night.  Lots of pressure on the lady parts.  Our OB thinks this little man is head down and Max never was, so maybe it’s just that difference.  We’ll find out about baby boy’s position for sure at this week’s appointment.

I’m emotional.  This is pretty much NOT NEW!  haha

Cravings/Aversions: SWEETS.  Okay, yes – sweets are still my CRAVING, but I have taken it down a million notches.  I am currently eating a lot of cheese, nuts, and popcorn.  And La Croix, which THANKFULLY does not have any sugar/carbs.

Weight Gain: 22 lbs.  I was up 29 at this point with Max.  Can you tell the difference in my face or what (see: pics above!)  I’m hoping to stay under 30 and I am feeling like that might be achievable, this time.  Before the Diabetes diagnosis, I was up 27 (that was around 29 weeks).  Woah!

What I’m Missing: Still, some red wine.  A soda or a cup of juice every once in a while.  Not feeling like this…



Sleep: Not too shabby, once I get to sleep.  I have been having what I consider to be true contractions at night.  I never had them with Max and I do not think they are Braxton Hicks.  We have our big internal exam next week where we’ll find out if I’ve progressed at all.  We shall see!

Related Purchases: Um, we’ve made it a busy month for the package delivery peeps (UPS, FedEx, USPS).  We’ve gotten packages just about every day over this last month thanks to having Amazon Prime’s free trial (LOVE!) and Target’s REdcard.  Christmas shopping is ALMOST DONE and there are just a few more things to get for the baby’s arrival.  Eeeeep!

Nursery: Super Dad put together the dresser, bookcase, and cube organizer while my mom made the curtains, bed skirt, and some other odds and ends.  I am just on the hunt for reasonably priced decor and wall art.  Nothing that NEEDS to be done before little man’s arrival.  It’s a room that is starting to look very warm and inviting.  Looks like we are ready to put a baby in it :)

Fear of the Week: The fears abound at this point in the pregnancy, for me.  All of the normal stuff, PLUS…

That this baby is not actually a boy, but a girl!  We have only had one ultrasound where the baby was big enough to tell and I’m just thinking…What if they made a mistake?  How crazy would that be?!  We had so many more check-ins with our last pregnancy that I knew that they were sure of Max’s gender (although we didn’t want to know, at the time!).

I worry a lot about the possibility of this baby ending up with Diabetes.  Same goes for me (but of course I’m more worried about the baby than myself!).

Other than that, my biggest fear is having this baby super early and not being caught up and feeling good about leaving work until mid-March.  Ugh.  That’s right…I’m very worried about work, at the moment.  When that baby comes, I will be OUT of work mode until the day that maternity leave ends…so I have to get my act together, ASAP! #deathbypaperwork

Relief of the Week (there are many since my last post – yay!):

Having the nursery furniture has been a huge relief.  Why?  Because it just makes it all seem so much more real.  Will baby boy be sleeping in there at first?  Absolutely NOT!

I have washed all of the equipment covers (carseat, swing, bouncer, rock ‘n play, bassinet, etc.), newborn and 0-3 clothing, towels, burb cloths, blankets, etc., etc., etc.!

Baby boy’s hospital bag is pretty much PACKED!

My hospital bag is, well, there’s a solid list made ;)

I have a {special} big brother outfit set for Max for when he meets his little brother (and some gifts, too).

Max has been so super fun and amazing and is just the sweetest when talking about “baby brother.” He kisses my belly and loves to feel the movement. The questions he asks are precious and I just KNOW he is going to be an amazing big brother!

I have dusted off the dreaded breast pump, evil eye (and possibly most definitely some swearing) included.  Time for me to do some sterilization.  Ahhh!

Car seat bases are in!

We have completed our hospital courses – breastfeeding, infant CPR, and the hospital tour.  Done, done, and done!

Take home and Christmas outfits have been purchased (for the boys – not me!).

After this week’s appointment, we go weekly.  Yay!  We are getting SO close!

Random Max Quotes (non baby-related):

-“Mustachely” = West Ashley

-Referencing Blake Shelton’s song Sangria – “Mama, what’s this song about?  I think it’s about the beach, because he’s saying ‘sand.'”

-“It’s such a beautiful Joe, can’t get enough!” = “It’s such a beautiful drug, can’t get enough” – Zac Brown Band

-“Sometimes I make a mistake” = “Sometimes I need a smoke break” – Carrie Underwood

-Stomped foot in frustration. 

Me – “Excuse me sir, what was that?”

Max – “I was just doing a wittle bit of a march.”

-“I like this show…just trust me!”

-When we got to the haircut place (homeboy does NOT enjoy a haircut) – “I sorta don’t like this place.”

Isn’t he THE CUTEST?!

The countdown is SO ON!  Keep y’all posted!!!

Week 35 with Max Joseph


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