Trucks and Potty Training

On October 3, 2015 by Sarah

My boy.

He is a truck-lover to the core.

Big trucks.  Little trucks.  UPS trucks, mail trucks, dump trucks, grader trucks, car carrier trucks, container trucks, monster trucks, and fire trucks.

Max is to trucks as Bubba Gump is to shrimp.  For reals.  Chew on that analogy, SAT developers.

Our boy’s intense truck love progression…









I know more about trucks than ever before and something tells me this is only the beginning.  This kid is three and yup…baby BOY number 2 is incoming (outgoing?) shortly.  So, yes.  WE LOVE TRUCKS!  Never ever did I think that a truck would help Max complete his potty training journey – a logging truck to be exact.

Logging Truck


Disclaimer: If potty talk is not for you, feel free to make like a baby and head out ;)

Max has had peeing in the potty down since March – for about 6 months.  He still needs to be told/reminded to go about every 2 hours, but less than 10 accidents in 6 months equals “potty trained” to me.  But the big #2 has been almost impossible.  We avoided it for a while, thinking he just wasn’t ready.  The pediatrician agreed this was wise.  He had only just turned three.  He had a few #2 accidents in his pants (only at home, luckily), but it def wasn’t the norm.  Poop was only regularly happening in his Pull-Up at either nap or bedtime.  But the nap ended (OH IS THAT A TOPIC FOR ANOTHER DAY!) and then #2 started to become a real problem.  Read: only happening once or twice a week…creating major anxiety for all!  A few messes also came our way.  ::AHEM::  Involving #2 in places #2 should never be found.  <Insert face palm>


Nuff said.  Moving on!

Max started to complain that his belly hurt on a nightly basis, around dinnertime (and in turn, not eating much dinner).  MiraLAX was something we started to keep around the house and I hated that our boy needed that kinda “help” for something that should be natural.  We quickly realized a pattern and I decided I was ready to put that boy on the potty to try to work out #2 each evening.  It was time!  I was finally ready to commit!  Well, somehow, one of us decided that he must be a logging truck.  Ya know, he had to drop the logs at the construction site.

Well, wouldn’t you know?  Utter magic!  

Now, we have a boy who looks forward to his nightly construction site visit.  Is it a celebration each night?  YES!  Do we look at his “logs” and discuss them as if it’s a real thing?  BETTER BELIEVE IT!  Do we talk about how we need to drink more water when his “logs” look more like “wrecking balls.”  SURE DO!  Have we said “beep, beep, beep” while the logs are en route?  WELL, DUH!  Max more readily tells us that he has to go #2 than #1.  We’re almost 3 weeks in and it has been a life changer.  Luckily, this happened almost simultaneously with his transition to his full-sized, big boy bed.  This boy of ours sure is growing up!

Ain’t no shame in our parenting game.  If it takes a logging truck to potty train your child – a logging truck, it is!


Go team!!!

What worked for your and your kiddo(s)?

Was #2 a much harder task than #1, or was that just us?  I’ve heard that’s pretty common with boys!

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