Baby T #2 {27 Weeks}

On September 20, 2015 by Sarah

*Week 27*


Please excuse the tired look.  It ain’t a look – I’m just plain tired.  Being on week 3 of shingles is starting to wear this Mama down!

Percentage Cooked: 68%

Baby Size: Longer than a foot long and 2 pounds!

Countdown to Baby: Less than 13 weeks!  We have a c-section scheduled for 5 days prior to my due date.  Unreal that we already have this scheduled-ahhh!

Symptoms: My #1 symptom right now is shingles pain, which happens to be on my upper right side of my belly.  Think: the worst sunburn you’ve ever had x 10 for over 2 weeks.  On a location that happens to be pulling and stretching because of a sweet baby growing inside of you.  It hurts more when I sit and is best when I lay.  Mornings aren’t too bad, but then it progressively gets worse throughout the day.  Sharp, stabbing pain comes in waves without warning.  Ugh – it’s terrible.  Luckily, I did NOT get the rash/lesions.  I am very thankful for that!  Bad news is that it could last for many more weeks or MONTHS!  :(

My feet hurt at night and it’s getting harder and harder to get up from sitting and laying positions without assistance.  Also, the leaking has commenced with the twins upstairs.  Great timing, lemme tell you!

Cravings/Aversions: SWEETS still.  Fruit, sweet tea, La Croix, Max’s fruit snacks, ice cream, cupcakes, Starburst Candy, and vanilla frosting!  Nachos are my salty craving.  I like cheese with my cheese, but that’s not pregnancy-related ;)

Weight Gain: I was up 19 pounds at my appointment last Tuesday.  I’m right on par with last pregnancy.  Hopefully I can stay a little closer to 30 than 40 pounds this time (I gained 38 with Maxie Boo!).  I’m not giving myself a hard time about this, though.  Honestly – I’m not too worried about it.  LEAST of my worries, at the moment!

What I’m Missing:  Red wine.  It’s gotten a little cooler (some 60s at night) and red wine sounds soooo gooood.

Sleep: Sleep has been horrible.  I blame it on the shingles, of course.  I’m hot and in pain…even taking all of the medication.  And the peeing.  I have been drinking so much iced cold water… I cannot get enough.  So lots of potty breaks throughout the night.  Oh well.

Related Purchases: This is where I can quit being so negative…We bought Max’s big boy bed and the baby’s bedding.  Yay!!!  We bought 2 paint samples yesterday to try out today; we got 7 or 8 swatches (or whatever you call them) last weekend and narrowed it down to 2 different grays.  I also went to the beloved bi-annual consignment sale, Charleston Repeats, and spent $140ish on mostly clothes for both of the boys.  Ahem: 3 pairs of Christmas jammies for each boy.  I’m a sucker for Christmas apparel.  I’m starting to feel like we’re getting somewhere!


A rare occasion: letting Max watch a show on Scott’s phone while we put the crib together in baby brother’s room.

What a BIG BOY!

Nursery: The nursery is cleaned out of spare room and office materials.  Now if we could just sell the remaining items, we would be extremely excited!  We still need to buy a dresser and bookcase, as well as many odds and ends for both rooms.  My mom is going to make some curtains, a bed skirt, and a pillow for the nursery.  I’m excited!

We are actually going to start a registry at Target, even though we are not having a shower (or expecting gifts!).  We got a coupon in the mail saying that if we open a new baby registry at Target, then we’ll get a $20 gift card.  Alrighty then – we’ll take the 20 bucks!

Fear of the Week: That these medications that I’m taking are hurting the baby.  This is a HUGE fear :(  Also, that this baby will come early and we won’t be ready for him.  I still need to complete my glucose test.  We had to put it off for a few weeks because of all of the meds I’m on.  Also, all of my measurements appear to be on target (great news!) so, at this point, we will NOT have another ultrasound.  Goo!  We were able to check in so much more with Max because of our SUA!  I really would love to see this baby boy one more time before he’s born!  Lots of fears right now…

Relief of the Week: The 3rd trimester is so close, I can taste it!!!  Most days, this baby is extremely active – which I love.  Also, we signed up for the hospital tour, breastfeeding, and infant CPR classes taking place in the coming months.  Things are starting to get REAL!



I’ve become a regular contributor on Charleston Moms Blog, blogging there twice a month.!  Most posts are about Mom stuff, which is a huge part of my life and what I talk about here.  Duh :)  Charleston-specific topics are also regularly on the agenda.  Check out what I’ve written so far…

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No Quotes this Week!  We’ve been all business around here, apparently.  Just trying to get through.  Either that or my memory stinks.  Or both – ha!

Thanks for sticking around…I know things have been pretty quiet over here!  I have about 7 blog posts started that I need to finish.  Love you all!  xoxo



Week 27 and 28 with Max Joseph

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