What the…Wednesday?!

On September 2, 2015 by Sarah

These things have been on my mind.  I figured that it’s time for a brain dump!

I’d like to call it – What the…Wednesday?!

1. Why oh WHY do people not use their blinkers?  It maddens me to the core.  Communicate, friends.  It’s called simple communication!!!


p.s. When you’re done with it, TURN IT OFF!

2. Every single time I attempt to type “don’t” in a text message, my iPhone autocorrects to “Donny.”  Really?  Donny?  The only Donny I know is Donnie Wahlberg and we barely know each other ;)

And apparently, I say “don’t” A LOT.  What does that say about me?!

In related news…has anyone every seen the show “Donnie Loves Jenny?”  I just discovered it on the A&E app and actually think these two are pretty cute.


3. Every time I see the Capital One Venture Card commercial with Jennifer Garner, I am immediately saddened.  I hate that she and Ben Affleck are Splitsville and even more…I hate when people say “Splitsville.”  But honestly…Jennifer Garner is one of my favorites and I hate that no one can stay married in Hollywood anymore!


Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard better NOT be next!

4. This video.  A little on the long side but HIL-AR-I-OUS!

Please excuse the lack of centering…I suck

5. I didn’t make it to the beach this past weekend (my boys went without me), but I did with the weekend before.  I was quietly complaining about the water starting to cool down.  Later on, I saw on the news that the water temperature was 86 degrees!  Wow – spoiled!!!  I believe the water temperature in Maine is about 60ish right now.


That’s all folks.  Well not really, but all I’ll bother you with for this edition of

What the…Wednesday?!


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