Baby T #2 {24+ Weeks}

On September 1, 2015 by Sarah

*Week 24+*



Percentage Cooked: 60+%

Baby Size: The length of an ear of corn (or anything a foot long!) and over a pound

Countdown to Baby: Less than 16 weeks

Symptoms: Sciatic back pain but it’s random and not constant these days (thankfully), peeing like a boss…once an hour, bloody noses, feet pain, flattened belly button, and running out of breath easily and often.


Looks just like me ;)

Cravings/Aversions: SWEETS all day long!  Went to the dentist today, so yes – the sweets are a problem!  Fruit, sweet tea, La Croix, Root Beer, Izze (SO good!), Max’s fruit snacks, mint chocolate chip ice cream, and CUPCAKES!  Oh and nachos.  No aversions.


Ice Cream 2

Weight Gain: I’m up a whopping 16 pounds, per my last Dr.’s appt.  And that was 2 weeks ago.  Yikes.

What I’m Missing:  Seeing below my belly and not feeling like a whale.

Sleep: Sleep has been pretty good…not enough but that’s because of work, not baby boy.  I am waking up for potty duties often but going right back to sleep.

Related Purchases: Still nothing, but Max’s big boy bed and some paint samples are HAPPENING over Labor Day weekend!!!

Nursery: See above.  (I know – I’m fa-reak-ing out!)

Fear of the Week: Not much – which is so relieving.  Yes, the dumb stuff gets to me sometimes.  But for the first time in this pregnancy, I am feeling confident and at peace.  It’s a good place to be.

Relief of the Week: We have another appointment in 2 weeks that will follow my glucose test.  I didn’t mind the test last time and passed it, so I am hoping for the same result this time.  I am nearing the 3rd trimester which is both a relief and a fear!  I am PUMPED to turn that calendar from August to September…that is for sure!


– The camisoles/tank tops that I wear underneath everything are currently belly shirts.  Time to size up!  (See ya next summer!)

– This baby is incredibly active…notably when I need to pee, when I’m (finally) relaxing at night, and when I am eating sweets.  We say baby brother is doing the “happy dance” when I am cupcak-ing because he seems to be sharing the enjoyment with me.  Max loves feeling the movement and it warms my heart to have his growing hand on my growing belly :)

– Braxton Hicks are in full force!  I don’t remember having them happen this early or as strongly last time, but there are a lot of things I don’t remember!

– I am obviously pregnant now.  I am getting lots of questions and comments from co-workers and strangers and I love it.  I’m soaking it up for my second and last time!

– When I was pregnant with Max, my eyes got 3 contact prescriptions WORSE!  I just had an eye appointment last week and, with this babe, my eyes got 2 contact prescriptions BETTER!  What?!  Hormomes are strange.

– Braless.  I wish I could be braless…just for the rest of the year.


Quotes of the Week:

1. Scott: When speaking of the grocery list…”You have cupcakes on the list like 10 times!”

Me: “What?  I don’t want there to be any mistakes!”

2. Totally unrelated to my pregnancy, but still funny…

Me: “Max, when are you going to poop in the potty?”

Max: “In, like, 7 weeks.”  Haha – not soon enough, buddy!

3. Me: “I don’t have a linea nigra yet. Do you remember when I got it with Max?”

Scott: “No, I’m a Sagittarius.” Huh?!  Annnnnd…he’s actually an Aquarius ;)  Funny guy!



Refusing to open his eyes – stinker!

Have a great week, everyone!!! xoxo

Weeks 23 and 24 with Max-a-doodle-doo


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