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On August 21, 2015 by Sarah




<ALL the heart eyes>

Do you see the joy in my face?  This was me in 2012, about a month postpartum, and may I say…I was beaming!  (Ha!)

Not so much due to the lack of sleep or throbbing boobs.  No.  That bottle right thurrr?  It has the ability to bring happiness and take the edge off and I WANT IT NOW, DADDY!!!  Name that movie!

Going back to work is TOUGH, my friends.  The 5 o’clock hour is not my friend and summer is THE LIFE!  That’s FIVE O’CLOCK…IN THE MORNING!

Everything hurts (but mostly my brain) and I just want someone to wine-me!


Deep breaths.  I got this.  Nothing some ice cream and stale very stale cake can’t handle.  After pizza and root beer for dinner, of course.


Wait until you see my weight update next week.

<Traffic screeches to a halt>


<Eyes widen>

<People judge>

Ahh, well.  Hakuna matata, right?  Ima be like Taylor Swift and shake it off.

In the meantime

Mommy’s Time Out,

I’m setting my sights on you.  Your hiney is mine in 4ish months.  I vow to never take you for granted again (or your sisters or brothers or cousins or long lost uncles).

Until then…

All my love and desperation,


Cheers to Friday, peeps.  Have one for me, would ya?! ;)



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