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On August 19, 2015 by Sarah

We need lots of items for the nursery (!!!) and clothes!  Okay-wants and needs, I realize, are different but it all feels the same when you are 22 weeks pregnant and have NOTHING done/ready/purchased/organized for baby #2!

We are upgrading Max from the toddler bed to a full size bed, so baby boy #2 will be gifted Max’s crib.  It is in perfect condition (he wasn’t a biter) and it just makes sense.  Other than the crib, though, we need everything for the nursery!  Rug, dresser, bookcase, storage…the list goes on.  Other than nursery needs, here is my current wishlist for new items for baby #2…


We, of course, have a baby monitor.  It is a video monitor, but is very low tech.  I am not looking for the most expensive or fancy out there.   Just one that doesn’t lose its charge within 5 minutes of being unplugged and is a little bit more sensitive on sound pick up.


Diaper Bag

I HATED the diaper bag I used with Max.  HATED!  It barely had any room, was the wrong shape, the strap always came off…ugh…it was the worst!  I donated it to Goodwill.  This time around, I am contemplating 1 of the 2 below that are around the $100 mark with coupons (but am open to suggestions!)…


Pottery Barn


Mud Pie


Max and I were not into baby wearing.  I’m not sure who was more uncomfortable, but both of us were definitely there.  I didn’t have a high need to make it work, so I didn’t bother.  It seemed more of a hassle than anything else.  I had a Moby Wrap (but sold it at consignment in the spring…hello: millions-of-miles-of-fabric) and still have a Baby Bjorn.  I’m thinking with a toddler and an infant, that me and this baby may need to try a little harder.  What’s your favorite wrap/carrier for an infant up to 1 year old?  I don’t see myself interested much longer than that.  I’m thinking an Ergobaby or Solly Baby Wrap/Carrier.  Thoughts?  Keep in mind that I am 4’11” and lack torso length like nobody’s business.


Umbrella Stroller (not a pressing or immediate purchase)

We had a nice one (I can’t remember what it was – pregnancy brain!), but the strap never seemed comfortable for Max.  That was sold at the consignment sale in the spring, too.  We are in the market for a new one that doesn’t break the bank.  Probably won’t buy this until well after the baby’s born, though.  Suggestions are welcome!  The Snap ‘N Go worked beautifully for us during the infant stage and the Baby Jogger worked for later on…we plan on sticking with these for round 2.


Max’s first time at the aquarium – 1 month old in the Snap ‘N Go

Baby Jogger Glider Board

Max has not ridden in a stroller since before he was 2.  He just really was not a fan.  I think a glider board for him may help us out in crowded places and/or when we are in a hurry.  I have to admit, the first time I saw a toddler riding on one I totally judged and thought it was ridiculous.  How things change!


Shade for the Beach

Max was a summer (read: HOT! HUMIDITY! STAY INSIDE!) baby, so he wasn’t introduced to the beach until he was almost one.  This baby boy will probably be more like 4-5 months old when he and the beach meet.  We are going to need to protect that little squish with something more substantial than a crappy beach umbrella.


Neso Beach Tent


Pop Up Tent




Max’s first time at the beach (Seabrook Island) when he was about 11 months old


We had a few different bathing options for Max when he was an infant and we never felt like he was super secure in any of them.  He also HATED baths for a long time, so maybe we should try something different for this little one.  I could sell what we have at the consignment sale next month (whoop, whoop–cannot wait!) and maybe we’ll get one of these cute things?  It’s called a Blooming Bath Plush Baby Bath.


Thanks, Jess, for introducing me to this adorable thing!

Stay tuned for a post about products I can’t wait to use the second time around! xo

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Jaime Cacossa

My pics: Vera Bradley diaper bag (machine washable, soft comfortable material, tons of pockets, built in changing pad, and lots of pstterns and colors to choose from), ergobaby carrier all the way (with infant insert or use a rolled up baby blanket instead… I have used it since the 3rd week after Savannah was born and continue to use it a lot), sunbrella is good and we also have a small pop up tent that sets up in less than a minute that fits mommy and baby that we like (I think it’s Kona brand but would need to double check that), loved my Whale of a Tub (like $25)


    Thanks for sharing all of your picks, Jaime! It’s crazy how many options are out there for carriers/wraps…it’s overwhelming (and expensive!).


Ok…. So best diaper bag I had, I bought on clearance at the Kate Spade outlet in Myrtle!! Lainey was almost 1 when I found it so it was more of a toddler bag but I wish is had it when she was itty bitty!! Used it forever!!

Interested to hear more about all the carriers…. Bjorn was my go to and loved it!!! Some look sooo tricky !!

Hopefully you can find some good stuff at the Repeats Sale.

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