Baby T #2 {21+ Weeks}

On August 12, 2015 by Sarah

It’s been a while…I’ve missed you!

I am back to work and PHEW…working is for the birds, my friends.  Forgive my appearance.  Like I said…work.

*Week 21+*




Percentage Cooked: 53+%

Baby Size: The length of a carrot or size of a papaya

Countdown to Baby: 21.5 weeks

Symptoms: Sciatic back pain but this is getting a bit better, a big belly, yucky skin (the sunscreen isn’t helping), eye floaters at night, lots of peeing, some extreme fatigue mixed with nausea (a winning combo, I assure you!), and clumsiness/balance issues.  Oh and feet pain.  I am pretty sure my cupcake-a-day is catching up with me ;)

Cravings/Aversions: Fruit, sweet tea, La Croix all day long, and CUPCAKES!  Still no true aversions.

Weight Gain: I’m guessing I’m up at least 10 lbs. at this point.  Probably more like 12ish?  I’ll know next week!

What I’m Missing:  Margaritas and red wine.  Sorry!  #truth

Sleep: Sleep has been pretty good.  Just an occasional wake-up for potty duties.  Not enough time to nap is my only complaint.  With work starting back up, I better just forget the whole idea of napping!


Related Purchases: Mentally – we are already broke.  Ha!  I don’t think I’ve made any purchases this week.  Currently scouting out deals and furniture browsing.  We need to pull some triggers very soon in that department!

Nursery: I think we found baby boy’s bedding and I have interest in a handful of different rugs.  Still working hard on a dresser and still need to think about a bookcase and/or some sort of storage organization.  This baby’s room is smaller than Max’s so we may not be able to fit the same amount of furniture that we could for Max.  I should really focus on paint colors.  We SUPER suck at picking paint colors!

Fear of the Week: Being back at work UNTIL MY DUE DATE!  With Max, I had almost 2 straight months of time off BEFORE Max came.  I was able to be swollen and slower than molasses (and majorly hormonal, perhaps?!) in the comfort of my own home without added work stress.  I honestly am not sure how it is going to go!

Cookie Crumbs

Also, pulling off a “big boy room” and a nursery simultaneously.  Lots of changes ’round here!

Relief of the Week: We have another appointment in about a week and I so look forward to hearing that heartbeat again.  Also, this boy has been very active!  The night is when he kicks it up a notch (literally) and gives me some pretty heavy jabs/movement; with Max, I had just started feeling slight movement at this point.  I love every second of it…and sharing it with Scott and Max!


– This text…after complaining to my fellow pregnant friend, Melissa, about feeling 21 MILLION weeks pregnant…


Friends and humor.  What would we do without them?!

– Scott and I are no closer to choosing a name than we were at my last update.  We bantered back and forth over a 2-hour Dateline the other night and have 3-4 names that we both like on some level.  We both shocked the pants off of each other a few times with some really whacky options.  I have a list in Notes on my phone of names one of us liked but the other vetoed and a rating scale for the FEW that remained on the list.  Man, naming human beings is a hard job!

Quotes of the Week:

Whenever we ask Max what we should name the baby, he says with great enthusiasm, “MAX!”  We have described how confusing that would be and I think he kinda, sorta understands now.  He has since moved onto “Bob.”  Ha!  I have no idea where he got this one from, but he really likes the name “Bob!”  So much, that he named his baby doll that he got for his birthday “Bob!”  He looks like a “Bob,” right?!


This is a Corolle Mon Premier Calin Sky Baby Doll, if you’re interested (sounds so fancy!)

While in the car recently, we asked him again.

Me: “What should we name your baby brother, Max?”

Max: “MAX!”

Me: “No, that’s not going to work.  Too confusing.  Any other ideas?”

Max: “Bob, how ’bout that?!”

Me: “I’m not sure about that one, either, love.  Any other ideas?”

Max: “I know!  Buzz Lightyear!  Let’s just pretend!”

And now, this little one is Baby Buzz…at least for a little while!



For Scott?  Nada.  Apparently, he just isn’t very funny this time around ;)

20 and 21 Week Update with Max


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