Max turns THREE!

On July 30, 2015 by Sarah

It’s happened.  At 7:55am today, our little love muffin turned THREE YEARS OLD.  It is beyond crazy to think how quickly time flies.

The amazing photographer (and even more amazing friend) Kristen Cook took these sweet pictures of my family while we were in NY.  Side note: Look up Ashley Brown Photography if you’re in the Upstate NY area…you will not regret it!  We had a hot day, about 20 minutes, and 3 combined children but she still managed to capture some photos that I will treasure forever.  How BIG and HANDSOME is that boy!!!  And this belly was 17 weeks at the time; what a difference a couple of weeks can make!

Trottier 001

Trottier 015

Trottier 011

Trottier 010

Trottier 019

Trottier 006

Trottier 017

Trottier 007

Trottier 021

I could not feel more blessed than to have Max as my son.  If you’re looking for us today, we will be hitting up the beach, eating many a cupcake, and crying.  I for one, will be crying.  It has already started.  I am just so proud to be this boy’s Mama!

I love you to a million heart-shaped pieces, Max Joseph Trottier!

3rd Birthday Facts-

LOVES…Cars and trucks (forever, Amen!), Curious George, books & the library, Zac Brown Band (singing all of the words and dancing, included), THE BEACH, pink & purple, YouTube on the “hi-pad, “Oreos, Hershey Bars, mint chocolate chip ice cream, your family, playing with other children, popcorn, running, playing “I Spy,” picnics, and playing pretend

FAVORITE TOYS…Cars and trucks, coloring book and crayons, puzzles, Lego blocks, train table, and dinosaurs

FAVORITE BOOKS…Anything by Eric Carle, Leo Lionni, Mo Willems, or Margret & H.A. Rey or anything including cars or trucks (of course!)

FAVORITE TV SHOWS…Curious George, Doc McStuffins, Tayo the Little Bus, and Tinga Tinga

FAVORITE MOVIES…Frozen, Cars, A Turtle’s Tale, Finding Nemo, and Madagascar

FAVORITE ANIMALS…Turtles, cats, and any ocean animal

DISLIKES…When I say it’s potty time, when Mama asks you to get yourself dressed (or at least try!), trying new foods (this is a BIG one!!!), naptime, long car rides, being asked to pedal your tricycle (oh, the humanity!), getting your nails and hair cut, slides and swings

KNOWLEDGE…You use the longest and most complex sentences with quite the vocabulary bank, count to 23, identify uppercase and lowercase letters and tell what sound they make, ID shapes and number 1-10, ID many states on a map, recall so much information (even when you’ve only heard it once)…the list goes on!  You is one smart cookie!

STILL WORKING ON…Holding a writing utensil correctly, cutting with scissors (ahem, I haven’t really given you much of a chance), drinking from an open cup, jumping with 2 feet, being potty trained with #2

PERSONALITY…Extremely friendly with adults and kids, frequently polite, observant, inquisitive, kind and caring, silly, loving

FAVORITE SAYINGS…”Stop being silly, Dada”…”I can’t calm down!”…”Cozy with me, Mama”…”I want ‘moak’ (milk!)”…”It’s so hard (to wait)!”  “What’s this song ’bout?”

Max – because of you, we laugh constantly,  You surprise us with your imagination, thoughts, and ideas everyday!  I hope I never forget how perfectly your body fits with mine because, let’s face it, those days are numbered.  Each and every hug and kiss mean the world to me, even if you wipe off 75% of the kisses.  I will forever cherish the 3 years and almost 5 months that we had/have together with you as our only child.  No matter what, always remember, you were the first.  Thank you for making me a Mama.  You are my sunshine, little boy.  xoxo

We will take a few photos on the beach today, before we melt our faces off.  I will be sure to post my big boy in his #3 t-shirt, ASAP!

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Christina D

LOVE this little man :) Happy Birthday, Max!!!!

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