Baby T #2 {19+ Weeks}

On July 28, 2015 by Sarah

Thank you for the kind post comments, emails, FB messages, etc.  One week later and we remain on cloud 9 from the results of last week’s appointment.  Life has been WONDERFUL!

We’ve been in Asheville, NC since Sunday.  We are having a great time, but I must say, this family is donzo with traveling this summer.  Packing.  Unpacking.  Packing.  Unpacking.  SO DONE!  We are psyched to get home and drive no further than 25 minutes for…I don’t know…months?!

IMG_3037This situation!


Park bench picnicking with my little love

FullSizeRenderHow to keep a toddler busy in a hotel room #Legoblocks


Hubby with his flight at Wicked Weed!  We also went to Sierra Nevada (which was AH-MAZ-ING) and Scott went to Oskar Blues.

*Week 19+*


Best we could do – ha!



Percentage Cooked: 48+% (for those math-challenged like myself, that’s ALMOST HALFWAY!)

Baby Size: The size of a large onion

Countdown to Baby: 20.5 weeks

Symptoms: Sciatic back pain (still pretty bad), this big ol’ belly…I’m all of a sudden feeling HUGE, more peeing, yucky skin, eye floaters at night, fatigue is kicking up a notch, and clumsiness/balance issues like woah!  Hello there, doorways and corners of furniture.  Sidewalks – quit surprising me!

Cravings/Aversions: Fruit, sweet tea, La Croix all day long, bagels, mint chocolate chip ice cream, and CUPCAKES!  No true aversions, just not very interested in meat or plain water.

Weight Gain: 8 lbs. as of my appointment a week ago-same as at this point in my pregnancy with Max.  Not too shabby.  There is no longer any mistaking that I am pregnant.  Being 4’11” and having nonexistent torso length will do that to a girl.  Game on!

What I’m Missing:  I honestly have no complaints this time around.  Too thrilled to markedly miss anything at the moment.

Sleep: This has gotten a little bit better-the sleeping at night portion.  I’ve been getting up about once a night for a bathroom break and waking up earlier than I’d like.  Not because of discomfort, but because I can’t turn my excited brain off.  I’ve been feeling like napping but this busy summer hasn’t really allowed much of that lately.  <insert big ‘thumbs down’>

Related Purchases: The sleep & play from Old Navy that was in the gender reveal post and a Valentine’s Day onesie for 97 cents.  I am ready to get busy shopping for newborn and 0-3 clothing as well as nursery and big boy room (for Max) decor.  Trying to pace myself.  Many a list are being created and added to on the daily.


May need these shirts for the boys – thanks, Kerry!

Nursery: Ideas are a-brewin’!!!  :)  I am Pinterest pinning like a mad woman.  A gender-specific nursery is FU-UN!

Fear of the Week: Not too much, thankfully.  That appointment last week gave me/us such relief for which we are incredibly grateful.  A fear would be having to wait 3 more weeks for another appointment.  I would like an appointment every day, pretty please!  A stupid fear (more like dread)…thinking about putting together work outfits that are comfortable, functional, but professional enough with this growing bump!

Relief of the Week: There’s a HEALTHY baby BOY cookin’ in there!  It’s been so fun imagining Max with a little brother, talking about names (we’re at a total standstill, but luckily, we have time!), planning a nursery, and looking at baby boy clothes.  Saying HE is still a little strange but so fun!

Also, just got the call today that the baby’s quad screen came back negative, so there’s another huge relief.


–I went through Max’s newborn and 0-3 month clothing to check the inventory.  Since we didn’t know if Max was going to be a girl or boy, much of this bitty clothing is yellow, orange, and green.  And ducks.  OHHH…the ducks!  That was fine the first time around but I am ready to trade some of those ducks in for some boy-specific clothing.  We barely bought anything when Max was a newborn because…duh…we were focusing on keeping the little guy (and ourselves!) alive.  Also, we have been blessed with borrowing clothes from a friend of mine throughout Max’s life.  I’m excited to get some itty bitty clothing of our choosing!

–I wake up often and find myself sleeping on my stomach.  This BIG stomach!  (How that happens, I could not tell you!)  It is suggested to sleep on your side, preferably the left side, while pregnant.  Sleeping on your back at this point of the game is supposedly a no-no due to putting pressure on the main vein (vena cava) that carries blood back to the heart.  When I asked my beloved Dr. for suggestions, she laughed.  She said to sleep however I’m comfortable, as long as I have a little bit of an incline (a regular ol’ pillow counts).  We cracked up when she said that the human race would have died out by now if your sleep position was a direct indicator of pregnancy success.  Ha!  Phew.

-MOVEMENT!  I started feeling this little munchkin at 16 weeks this time (versus 21 weeks with Max).  It has been random, but seems to come right when I need it.  Since our last appointment, though, this little guy has stepped it up…I get reassurance everyday now.  Max has even had a chance to feel the movement.  Best. Feeling. Ever.

Quotes of the Week:

Max: While pushing out his belly and lifting up his shirt.  “There’s a baby in there.  You have a baby and I have a baby.  There are TWO babies!”
Max: “The baby is mad at you.  You need to drink more water!”

Me: “My belly is getting HUGE, geez!”

Scott: “No, it isn’t?  Or, yes, it is?”  Haha – he wanted to badly to say the right thing!



Next up, Max is turning 3!  Stop by later in the week to hear some updates on our sweet, sweet boy!

19 Week Pregnancy Update with Max


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