Baby T #2 Gender Reveal!

On July 22, 2015 by Sarah

Eep!  We did it!  We found out this baby’s gender and we couldn’t be happier that we did!  I’ll tell you more, but first – THE REVEAL (it won’t center – sorry!)…

How did we do it?

We asked the ultrasound technician to circle “BOY” or “GIRL” on the paper that I brought and then put it in our envelope.  The sweet tech purposely saves the gender specific area for last so that she has little opportunity to slip.  She went in the hall to make the life changing circle and placed the paper back in the envelope with ultrasound photo proof (hello, baby boy bits!).  My awesome OB doesn’t want to know the gender when the parents choose not to know, so there was no way that she could’ve slipped when we met with her following the ultrasound.

We left the appointment giddy with excitement, but very much without a plan.  We (ahem, I) brought the chalkboard, chalk, both pairs of shoes (boy and girl), the camera, and the tripod.  We ran a couple of errands and then made our way to Daniel Island for a little photoshoot.

It was just us.  It was hot and sticky and we are amateurs with our camera, at best.  Somehow, though, it was completely perfect.

Scott prepared the tripod and set the camera to the timer mode where the camera takes 10 shots in a row.  The rest is history!

In that moment we both thought we were going to see “GIRL” circled.  

We were both shocked and relieved!  A BOY!  We know how to do boys!  We have boy clothes and boy shoes and boy toys and MAN DO WE HAVE CARS AND TRUCKS!!!  Max is going to get a built-in best friend for years to come and we could not be more thrilled!!!

It’s funny, the reactions we’ve gotten so far.  A lot of people have been really supportive, especially my boy-mom friends (I’m talking to you Jenn, Jen, and Heidi!).  However, many others have seemed disappointed (for themselves, for us, or both – I’m not sure?!).  I wasn’t expecting this reaction!  This baby will be our last and everyone assumes the perfect family of 4 includes a boy and a girl…and that is and should be every parent’s nagging desire.  Did pink and purple, sparkles, bows, and fluffy dresses flash before my eyes?  I’d be lying if I didn’t say “yes.”  But that moment was fleeting (at best) and then, all of a sudden, all was right with the world.

Baby’s anatomy ultrasound indicated a clean bill of health (no SUA, woohoo!), no obvious red flags, and growth right at expectations.  I still haven’t really gone into the beginning of this pregnancy, but let’s just say that it included weeks of bleeding that turned into months of intense worry.  To see that sweet heart beating, that body moving to and fro, and all of the boxes being checked as “normal” was an enormous relief.  We have prayed and prayed about this baby…it’s been a long few months.  Yesterday truly was a dream-come-true kinda day.

Since finding out this baby is a BOY…so many subjects are already up for discussion.  Nursery, clothing, furniture, NAMES (boys names are SO HARD for us).  It is so exciting!  We have been saying “he” and “his” and I haven’t felt closer to this baby.  The bonding has truly just begun and I couldn’t be more grateful.

Although Max consistently said that he wanted a baby sister, he took the news extremely well!  He has been talking about his little brother and has shown nothing but excitement.  We are BLESSED!

Cheers to our first baby BOY #2 purchase – a sweet sleep & play outfit for less than $4.  Can’t beat Old Navy.


Thanks for all of the support and for following us on this journey…again.  Love you all! xoxo

Ahhh – the secret’s out!!! :)

Max’s gender reveal – at birth

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Laura Bogan

Well that video made me cry!!! Congrats!! Couldn’t be happier for your growing family :)

Torie Hargis

Sarah-This is so precious! I am so excited for you and Scott! You are such a wonderful writer which makes reading your blog that much more emotional. Right now, I am not sure if I want a second child (probably typical at this stage of the game), but after reading your post, I may be slightly more inclined. God works in mysterious ways and it sounds like he is definitely working in your lives!
Love, Torie


    Thank you so much, Torie! God sure works in mysterious ways :) It is okay to only have one child, or think you only want one and then change your mind later. Only you will know and you don’t need to decide now. Life with kiddos is crazy and fun and keeps us young (or so they say – ha!)! Hope to run into you and that sweet babe soon :)

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