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On July 21, 2015 by Sarah


We were dead wrong the first time around.  We thought pink alllll the way!  Waiting to find out Max was a BOY on delivery day was such an amazing surprise; we would never ever change that for the world.  We were overwhelmed with joy and shock and it was the best feeling ever.

This time around, though, we are going to find out.  Why you ask?  For a different experience.  To get Max prepared (he says he wants a sister 90% of the time when asked…which is a lot!).  To prepare a gender specific nursery.  Basically, because it feels right to do it this way, this time.

We have the big appointment this week and will be asking the Dr. or ultrasound tech to circle BOY or GIRL on the paper we bring and then put it in our envelope.  That’s where the plan comes to a screeching halt.  SO NOT LIKE US!  Will we rip it open in the elevator?  Car?  At a park?  When we get home?  Later that night?  With or without Max?  In a week?  In a month? AHHHH!  The possibilities are endless (although, FAT CHANCE with the last 2 options!)!!!  Will we want to share right away?  In a day or so?  Way later?  Be less than creative (I am pretty tired).  Will we come up with some photos or a video for the reveal?  I am telling you…NO PLAN, PEOPLE.

So for $4 a piece at Target on clearance, I bought these adorable baby shoes to be a part of the reveal…whenever or however that may take place.  Rebels with a plan, I tell you!



We got 60 votes last time, but now there are a lot more of you.  C’mon with at least 100!

And in case you’re wondering…

the symptoms that are the same as I had with Max are – I am craving sweets, am clumsy, have bad skin, and the baby’s heart rate is between 150 and 160

the symptoms that are different than I had with Max are – I had nausea during the first trimester, the sciatic pain is constant

I haven’t had any gender specific dreams

I have caught myself saying “she” more than “he,” same goes for Max when he’s talking about the baby!

I have no “feeling”

I have no preference…truly.  Positives and negatives are equal to me when thinking of both possibilities.  HEALTHY goes without saying.

Here we go!!!  What do YOU think?!

Pink or Blue?

  • I think GIRL! (64%, 34 Votes)
  • I think BOY! (36%, 19 Votes)

Total Voters: 53

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I’ll keep you posted.  Or I won’t.  No, I probably will ;)  xoxo




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