Baby T #2 {17+ Weeks}

On July 14, 2015 by Sarah

Looks like we’re doing this about every 2 weeks this time, ey?

*Week 17+*



NY lake backdrop instead of baby’s room backdrop for this week!  I didn’t plan to wear the same thing as the last update.  I don’t have much of a plan, really, when it comes to what I wear in these photos.

Percentage Cooked: 43+%

Baby Size: The size of a large onion

Countdown to Baby: 22.5 weeks

Symptoms: Sciatic back pain is still kickin’, a growing belly (and chest!), more peeing, and slight fatigue (but that could be because of all of the NY partying!).  My face is definitely getting bigger/wider/fuller/FATTER (let’s get real).

Cravings/Aversions: Fruit, Sweet Tea, seltzer-type water and CUPCAKES!  Dear Trader Joe’s gluten free cupcakes, Where have you been all of my life?!  (Thanks for the introduction, Aunt Mickey!).  No true aversions except that just plain water hasn’t been going down very easy.

Weight Gain: 5 lbs. so far, but expect a big jump here, folks.  I’ll find out the new number next week and it ain’t gonna be pretty, because…CUPCAKES!  My arse is on its way to earning its own zip code.  Whatevs.  People are saying that I barely look pregnant and some mornings and in some outfits, I agree.  At night (after dinner) and in maternity clothes though, I feel as big as a house.  Looking at myself at 17 weeks the first time, I def look larger THIS TIME.

What I’m Missing:  Consistent/comfortable sleep and margaritas on hot summer nights.

Sleep: This has gotten a little bit better.  I’ve been getting up about once a night for a bathroom break.  I need to get back to napping when we get back to Charleston.

Related Purchases: Nothing baby or maternity related since the last post.  That will change once we get back home!

Nursery: Still nothing.

Fear of the Week: Getting through 3 long days of driving over the next few days, plus 2-90 minute train rides.  Max has been a trooper but this crazy, busy, and long vacation has definitely taken a toll on him (and all of us in one way or another).  Looking forward to getting home over the weekend.  Kid hasn’t napped since June 27th!!!

Relief of the Week: We have our BIG appointment next week and I cannot wait to see and hear this baby.  And um…pink or blue, people?!  I might get a poll in like last time around!  Last time, 60% of y’all thought girl and 40%, boy.  Most of you were wrong, just like we were – haha!


–I don’t think one friend or family member has predicted a boy so far.  Everyone we saw in NY said GIRL.  I have absolutely no feeling, whatsoever.  None.  Nada.  Zippo.

–My paranoia still looms.  I am hoping that after a successful appointment next week, I can really settle into this pregnancy.

-Max still seems extremely excited and has been the sweetest about the baby coming.  When he’s playing with Play-Doh, he makes a family of snakes including a “baby snake” all on his own.  Love that (almost 3 year old) boy!!!  He still is pretty consistent and saying that he wants a baby sister.

-We are nearing the halfway point :)

Quotes of the Week: I cannot think of any baby related quotes from Scott or Max!  I know there must’ve been some, but my memory is already slipping.  Max called a “razor” a “rake” today when he saw it in the shower.  Again, non-pregnancy related, but that was pretty cute!

The next pregnancy update will probably include the gender reveal – holy cow!!! xoxo

Click here for Week 17, the first time around!



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