5 Years in Charleston!

On July 9, 2015 by Sarah

Monday/Thursday at 9:40pm.  Same thing, right?  Sorry, folks!


We have lived in Charleston for 5 whole years, as of July 6th!  I cannot believe it and yet it’s hard to imagine life before we made the best decision of our lives.  Without further ado, here are my current 5 favorite things about Charleston (in no particular order)…


Sullivan’s Island is our absolute favorite local beach and where we go 85% of the time.  Our favorite is Station 30 because of the short distance to the beach from street parking, how low tide brings calm and very little waves, and the view.  Downfalls?  No bathrooms and…that’s all that comes to mind!


At Station 30, almost a year ago when that sweet boy turned 2!


The charm of this city cannot be matched.  The colorful buildings, short and stout, have such character.  The church steeples, the glowing gas lanterns, the smell of the ocean water.  LOVE.  It is clean and full of life and I love every trip we make downtown.  The coffee shops, restaurants, city market, Waterfront Park, Battery…ALL OF IT.


Farmers Market




OH EM GEE.  The food is out of control good.  We cannot get enough!  Our biggest struggle is that there are so many new places to try (both new and new-to-us) in mostly Downtown Charleston and Mount Pleasant, but we have a handful of solid favorites.  The struggle is real!  The biggest problem, really, is that our wallets are not deep enough to keep up with the food in this city.  Some of our favorite places are Coleman Public House, Pearlz, Liberty Tap Room, Magnolias, and Red Drum.


The Barnyard Burger at Coleman Public House!  Now I get it with a Greek Salad (instead of the french fries) and without a bun.  Stupid Celiac Disease, but it’s still THE BEST!!!



Okay, so the summer is surely hot and humid.  Absolutely!  Guess what…I LOVE IT!  We all have sweat in common, so there’s an even playing field for all humans each summer.  Sure my hair doesn’t cooperate much, but summers off = beach and pool for this family, anyway!  The rest of the year is glorious except for the 2ish months of true winter.  And Charleston winters have NOTHING on Upstate NY (in a GOOD WAY), so no complaints there.  We still have the change of seasons and wardrobes but get more sun per year than I ever saw in NY in 27 years.


Scott and his brother, Johnny, over Thanksgiving weekend 2011.  Short sleeves, friends.


This place still makes my heart go pitter-patter.  People are FRIENDLY and HAPPY and PROUD and OUTDOORS and LOVING LIFE!  Scott and I still pinch ourselves on almost every outing saying, “We live here!”  Also, my parents and 2 of our best friends from NY live here, too.  BONUS!  Life is good!

Also, I vow to always notice the palm tree :)

Travel & Leisure just named Charleston the #1 city in the U.S. and Canada for the 3rd year in a row!  Charleston was voted #2 in the world, second to Kyoto, Japan.  Condé Nast Traveler readers have voted Charleston the #1 city in the country for 4 years in a row, as well.  These accolades are not in vain…THIS I promise you!  I LOVE MY CITY!!!

Come and visit for the first time or tenth!

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