NY, So Far {2015}

On July 4, 2015 by Sarah

Happy 4th of July!!!  Have a margarita for me, would ya?!

We’ve been in NY for 4 full days so far and have had one nice weather day.  Boo.  I did not bring enough pants or long sleeves for this!  It is currently 64 degrees and raining at 2:40pm.  But we have relaxed and I actually finished a book-REJOICE!  Me Before You by JoJo Moyes, if you’re wondering, and I LOVED it!  Box of tissues and all.  Yay!  A beautiful forecast is on tap…we just have to get through today.

NY, so far, in photos…

IMG_3879  IMG_3876  IMG_3911First time on a kayak for Max…he loved it and had NO FEAR!

IMG_3939 The Lake

IMG_3897Hanging in the new addition

IMG_3944Scott’s heaven (and 16 weeks!)

IMG_3996  IMG_3955

IMG_3982Nice one, child of mine

IMG_3967How our toddler keeps himself busy at his second brewery in 2 days!

So much more to come! xoxo

Come back on Monday for a post about a 5 year anniversary in Charleston…FIVE YEARS!!!

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