Baby T #2 {13+ weeks}

On June 16, 2015 by Sarah

First of all, thank you thank you for all of the well wishes and sweet, supportive comments in response to our pregnancy announcement!  We are thrilled and I am so excited to share the journey on this blog again!

The first week of summer vacation has come to a close, and boy was it was busy (in the non-working, fun kinda way)!  We enjoyed 3 beach trips (1 childfree while Max picked blueberries with his Nana and Papa!), 2 pool trips, the SC Aquarium, a park play date, an allergist appt. for Max (he LOVES his allergist Dr., lol!), a hair appt. for Mama, movie night with popcorn for dinner, and more that I’m sure I’m forgetting.  Phew!

Upcoming this week?  The water park maybe, another soccer game, beach, pool, and the Children’s Museum.  The zoo was on our agenda, but in 100 degree heat?  Nope.  We’ll see what else the week brings!

*Week 13+*


Still struggling with the photo situation, my apologies!!!  Click on thumbnails, if you’re having trouble viewing.  Update: now the photos are too big?  Still working on this!


Percentage Cooked: 33%

Baby Size: 3 inches long – about the size of a pea pod

Countdown to Baby: 26.5 weeks

Symptoms: Severe back pain (headed back to the chiropractor today, hoping for a miracle cure), fatigue (starting to get better!), the belly is a-growin’, needing to get up from sitting/laying slowly due to round ligament pain, a handful of mild bloody noses and painful sneezes!  I had pretty intense nausea at morning and nighttime until a couple of weeks ago.  Never had that with Max!  No getting sick, thankfully, just dizziness and feeling sick!

Cravings/Aversions: Equate brand GF Oreos (recently discovered!), fruit, bagels (GF from Trader Joe’s – the best!), Nutella, so stereotypical but PICKLES ALL DAY LONG, La Croix Sparkling Water…obsessed!  No intense aversions.

Weight Gain: 1 lb. at 12 week appt.  Pretty sure I’ve gained since then!  Have you seen my cravings, list?!

What I’m Missing: Honestly?  A cold alcoholic beverage, at times!  Otherwise, not much.  I was missing caffeine for the first 12 weeks.  My Dr. has recently assured me that one caffeine dose a day is okay so I am HAPPY to report that I am back on it!

Sleep: I get up 1-2 times per night for a bathroom break.  Usually the last break is around 6:00am, leading to me often getting up for the day.  Since it’s summer, I’m not that mad about it.  I can sneak in a nap during Max’s, if needed.

Related Purchases: 2 maternity dresses & 2 maternity tank tops from Old Navy and a lot of maternity clothes from a Facebook swap group.

Nursery: I’ve done some Pinterest pinning.  Otherwise, just some cleaning/organizing of the spare room that will eventually be the nursery.  No major updates here until the big anatomy scan.

Fear of the Week: A lot of worry, but that’s a whole separate post.  Coming soon!

Relief of the Week: The secret’s out!  The 2nd trimester is upon us and another appt. will be here in a week.  Plus…SUMMER!


– We are going to find out the gender this time! We LOVED not knowing with Max and have absolutely no regrets, but are looking forward to knowing this time!  It just feels right.

– We received a white, Ralph Lauren coverall as a gift.  Baby T #2’s first gift :)

– I am in the “I’ve eaten way too much Mellow Mushroom pizza” belly phase.  I am looking forward to looking, for sure, pregnant.

– I love wearing maternity clothes…judge me!  I’ve already gotten into some ;)

Scott’s Quote of the Week: When I wanted to put on the news and for Scott to turn off the Frozen soundtrack…

Scott: “I have to turn off the music now.”  Max: “Why, Dada?”  Scott: “Because Mama’s pregnant.”

lol Enough said!

Max’s Quote of the Week: After pulling up my shirt, giving me a huge hug, and kissing my belly, I gushed and said, “Awww!”

Max: “Mama, I wasn’t hugging YOU…I was hugging THE BABY.”

Okay, message received loud and clear.  Haha!


Here are the silly photos, with Max included.  Haha – we tried!

 Thanks for following my pregnancy journey, for the second time! xoxo

Click here for week 13, the first time around

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