Open Letter to the RiverDogs

On June 8, 2015 by Sarah

Dear Charleston RiverDogs at “The Joe,”

I have a child with severe food allergies – both egg and peanut.

I understand that it is not your job to worry about keeping my child safe.  That is, for sure, my and my husband’s responsibility.  We own and celebrate that; we are so lucky to be in charge of this little boy.  However, it is irresponsible on your part to have so few options that are clearly safe for a child with a peanut allergy.

All my sweet almost 3 year old boy wanted last night was to eat was some popcorn.  When we went to a Charleston Battery Soccer game last week, he safely had freshly popped popcorn and was in his glory (thank you, Battery!).  When we told him we were going to another sporting event, all he talked about was how he was going to watch the game and eat POPCORN!  I got in line for popcorn while the hubs got himself a beer and a hot dog.  Although the packaging of the popcorn at your stadium reads, “Freshly popped,” it actually comes out of a large box.  Freshly popped?  I think not.  $5 later, I read the label on the popcorn that reads the dreaded “May contain…” warning, including peanuts.  With this little dude, the “Made in a factory…” is a warning enough for us to avoid that product.  It then said to check the nutritional insert for more information.  There was no such insert in the bag or in the box (yes, I had to ask the cashier to check for me).  SO, needless to say…popcorn was not in the cards for my sweet boy.  He took it like a champ, truly.  After his eyes welled up with tears, we quickly consoled him with, “How about some chips?”  We found nacho chips that were safe for our boy, after asking to see the box.  $9 later, he had a few handfuls of chips and was happy and occupied.  But don’t think that was the end of it.  Leaving the park, our little boy asked for popcorn and we of course said, “Yes!”  When we got home, fresh and SAFE popcorn was popped right away.  Our little trooper deserved it!

Popcorn 2

And the peanuts everywhere gives me major anxiety…but I get it, it’s a baseball game.

Seriously though, don’t even get me started on my experience as a person with Celiac Disease.  Gluten free options?  Um, right.  I had a Sierra Mist and ate a late dinner when I got home.  Maybe thinking of those with health concerns wouldn’t be such a bad idea?  A safe option or 2, labeled as such, goes a LONG way.  Just a thought!


A disappointed local




Next up, as promised, a post filled with fun life updates!

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Ali Barkley

I am SO glad you are back to blogging!! Even if it’s just for 9 weeks. :-) I am a native Upstate NYer, lived in the city for many years, and now live in Charleston!! I am NOT joking when I say your blog kept me hanging on to our 3+ year plan/dream of moving here. It finally happened last October! {Cliff Notes: we both worked in finance in NY and Charleston isn’t exactly the finance mecca of the south…but we both found fabulous jobs with great firms! God is so good.}

However, I am sad to hear about this River Dogs experience! Did you email this post to them? Everything about the River Dogs seems so customer focused – I think they would really respond to this sort of feedback! I am all about making sure the facts are represented, which you did so clearly.

I can’t wait to read what else you post!!

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