Summer Bucket List 2015 {Charleston Edition}

On June 7, 2015 by Sarah


As of noonish on Friday – this family has been on SUMMER VACATION!  We couldn’t be happier to be in summer mode and are already having a ball relaxing, organizing our lives, and making plans for the next 9 (yes, NINE) weeks of no work.  Alleluia, Amen!!!

We will take our yearly NY trip for almost 3 weeks, but hope to do lots of fun stuff with our Maxie boy in Chucktown, before and after.  Scott and I, as educators, were lucky enough to both receive the Educator Pass again.  This pass gives us access to 1 free admission to many cultural sites within the Lowcountry.  Max is free at most of these places, as well, because of being under 3 (just barely!).  We hope to REALLY take advantage of this pass this summer!

Pic 2

Some definites are Children’s Museum, Charleston Museum, Charles Towne Landing, Middleton Place, and Fort Moultrie.  Sure we’ve been to all, but we cannot beat going again for FREE!  Hopefuls are Drayton Hall, H.L. Hunley Submarine, and Old Exchange & Provost Dungeon.  We’ve never been to any of those.  It’d be great if we could get to ALL of them before 12/31/15!

In addition to that list, here is our Summer Bucket List 2015 {Charleston Edition}…

Okay, so I have some high hopes (and really, I could’ve gone on).  THIS, folks, is why I am head over heels in love with where we live!!!  Going on 5 years!  The list just never ends :)

Um, did I mention the beach and the pool as much as possible?!  Well, yes, that too.  I’ll check back in at the end of summer to let you know how we’ve done.  But, for now, summer ending is not even on my narrow-minded radar.

Checkout my little cheeser, with a car show already under his belt…

Pic 3

Next post, life updates and some new family pics!  You won’t want to miss it!




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