Abandonment {Well, Hello There!}

On June 1, 2015 by Sarah

It wasn’t you, it was me!  100%!


Summer is so close, I can taste it (4 more work days!)…and it’s time for me to kick off this blog again.  I miss it.  My life is seriously missing it.

This is a place for brain dumps, venting, celebrating, informing, documenting, and selfishly – MY ME TIME.  My life balancing skills have been nada this past year and it’s time to make a change.

Step 1…show up.

So here I am!  It’s always difficult to come back.  A 10 month absence is quite a long time.  Just bear with me and I will do my best to reacquaint us.  Just know that I have many blog post ideas coming your way, including personal life stuff and Charleston love, and you’ll be hearing from me A LOT.  Especially, come June 6th!

In the meantime, I present blog post titles in the vault!  Posts that were either never completed or published over the past 10 months…

Go Ahead and Judge

New Month Resolutions {March, Spring, and Countdowns}

Lost in Loss

And Just Like That…

My Charleston Favorites {Restaurant Edition}

The Day We Kissed Cable Goodbye

(no title) – ha!

A Necessary Reintroduction

Best of Intentions


Thursday Thoughts

MAXimum Monday


Let’s see if I can make these blogs happen!  See you soon, friends!  :)



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