Why I Am Now “One of THOSE People” [Gluten Free Living]

On July 29, 2014 by Sarah

Y’all remember my Double Stuf Oreo obsession, right?  Right up there with my love for Jolly Rancher Jelly Beans?  Serious, serious, forever kinda love.

gf joe-joes

NO Trader Joe’s.  Just, no.  via

We all have that extremely unhealthy treat that is our weakness.  I’m talking to you, gummy bear-lover.  And YOU, the one who never lets the Reese’s run dry.  We all have a treat in our lives that is worth the calories.  Calories?  What calories?  A guilty pleasure.  The kind that’s worth it, no matter what…and actually has the ability to turn your day around.  A best friend, really.  Ya with me?


Now.  Just imagine being told that you are NEVER able to have that one thing EVER AGAIN.  Under no circumstance.  Not a crumb, not a lick.  Don’t even kiss your husband or child after they enjoy it, for fear of leftover deliciousness on their lips.  Goodness gracious, full on visual focus would even be questionable.  Never again, says the doctor (armed with significant test results with your name on them).




April 18th was the day that I was handed such fate.  The day my life was realized as Double Stuf Oreo-less until the end of time.  No more Oreos, pizza, bread, beer, pasta…the list goes infinitely on…as I once knew it.  April 18th was the day that both confirmed Celiac Disease and ROCKED.MY.WORLD.  Because what the crap is gluten and why is it in everything?


About one year ago, I started to have strange symptoms.  Symptoms that have led us on quite the medical journey.  A journey that continues to puzzle and test me and mine on the daily.  Doctors, too…they’re still confused.  But our bank account?  No confusion there.  Must.stop.now.

The details of my symptoms, tests, and results are junk for another day – primarily because I’ve already lost half of you and my story hasn’t even started ;)


Try to bear with me (via)

In summary, it went something like this….

-August 2013…extremely sensitive skin from ribcage down on right side of body.  Rash.  Phantom baby kicking.  Only feeling it at night, every single night.  No real variation from day to day.  No noticeable changes related to food or drink.  No pain, but just not right.  Not.Right.

-Many tests and doctor visits later…Mama needs her gall bladder out.  Brother and father both had theirs out this year, too – so why not?!  Let’s do it right before Christmas 2013, shall we?  Done and done.  Surgeon threw in a cosmetic bonus that’s, too, a post for another day!

-January…same symptoms, no change.  And February and March and shoot…it wasn’t my gall bladder.

-April – let’s throw in an upper GI endoscopy for good measure.  Wouldn’t want to miss an ulcer or something more serious (already had ultrasounds, CT scan, blood work, major surgery, and a partridge in a pear tree).  “We’re going to biopsy for Celiac Disease.”  Celiac Disease?  What the hell is Celiac Disease?!  I, naturally, cry “JERKY DOCTOR WHO WANTS TO BLEED ME DRY FOR A RIDCULOUS, UNNECESSARY BIOPSY,” until…”Ma’am, your results were positively positive for Celiac Disease.  Let’s have a blood test to back it up.”

-April 18th.  Celiac Disease it is.  30 minutes on the phone with GI doctor discussing the new life that I have no choice but to lead.  FOREVER.

-April 20th was Easter, but for me it was the Last Supper.

-Monday, April 21st – the first day of the rest of my life…gluten freaking free.


My last hurrah beer with the hubs at Coleman Public House.  Go big or go home.


Stay tuned for what the heck all of this means, how it may impact Max, what I have learned thus far, and how sensitive (read: insensitive?) I have found Charleston’s bars and restaurants.  Because, YES – I AM one of THOSE people asking for clarification regarding marinades and cooking techniques and sighing when the waiter/waitress knows nothing of the sort.  I need the gluten free menu and, believe me, it is NOT by choice.  I am “one of THOSE people” and I am not going to apologize. After all, don’t you think I’m the one who deserves the apology?




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oh i definitely want to hear more!!! i recently went GF for 6 weeks, but reintroduced it last week. my symptoms were diff than what yours were (i def don’t have celiac) but i really want to hear more about the issues you were having!! :) glad you’re back in the blogging world. :)


Thanks, Christina…congrats on the new apartment and life that you have in Boston! I will def be getting more in depth with my story and how it all came about. It’s a huge part of my life now, like it or not! I hope you’re feeling better :)

Emily Kearley

I’m glad you were able to figure out what was wrong and I hope you are starting to feel better by eliminating gluten. I am a manager at Burtons Grill in Mount Pleasant at the Towne Centre. We have an excellent gluten free menu and you’ll never be treated as “one of those people” with us! The president of our company has Celiac Disease and we have had a gluten free menu since our first restaurant opened in 2005. Please let me know if you would be interested in giving us a try, we have an excellent reputation with the gluten free and Celiac community in Charleston and our kids menu is even available gluten free!
Hope this helps!
Emily Kearley


    Yes, yes, yes – I would LOVE to try out Burtons Grill! Knowing that the President of the company knows exactly where I’m coming brings a huge sigh of relief from this newbie. My health is completely dependent on the education of the staff, so 8 years of GF experience is wonderful! Thank you for reaching out :)


Welcome to GF living! We should trade recipes :) glad they discovered what was going on-scary stuff!

Do you have a Ted’s Montana near you? I don’t even eat meat, but they are great about made to order food and even have a separate gf fryer for French fries!


    If we traded recipes, I would just tell you what different items you can put on top of salad and some good gluten free dressing recipes. You would want your money back! haha. I would love to hear yours, though ;) We don’t have a Ted’s Montana :( Thanks for the encouragement :) My new motto between Max’s peanut allergy (I know you can relate!) and my GF requirements is “Don’t invite us to a party!”

Ali Anderson

I hear you…we should have a Charleston gluten free site where we can share eating out (and drinking out) tips!! There are so many amazing places to eat here (I am an Oregon transplant) but as a newly gluten free gal I am trying to navigate where to eat here. I am also dairy free so the charcuterie plate is basically a big old meat plate for me :)

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