Monthly Photos – Finally!

10 Sep

So, much to my husband’s dismay – each month I forced him to join me in taking pictures of Max to document his growth.  It was usually at the end of the day and it usually didn’t go very well.  At first, we were took them perfectly on the 30th of the month.  and then?  nosomuch.

We took pics next to a chalkboard with the number of the month written on it. We also took pictures with red balloons.  The number of balloons reflected the number of months my main man Max had turned.  THEN (to top it all off) we recorded the little booger, all grumpy and mad by then.  It was awesome!

Seriously though, NO regrets.  One million monkey sounds and Where Is Thumpkins later, look at the growth of my little bubbas (click picture to enlarge).

Max - Chalkboard Collage

Ugh – heart exploding!

It wouldn’t be right if I didn’t include any outtakes, though…because dude, there were some.





Kid is SO funny!

I couldn’t figure out how to make a collage out of the balloon pics, since they are vertical instead of horizontal.  #technologysaywhat?  Here’s a taste…


Cutie pants – 11 months.

Aw well – I’ll figure it out eventually!


Moral of the story?  As annoying as the monthly photo may be to take, DOOOOOO ITTTTT!  You will not regret it.  These photos are so special to me ♥  I smell a photo book in our future!





p.s. A little math for you…1 balloon = $1.15. Twelve months of the correct number of balloons (plus one month’s fail = purchasing balloons twice) = a grand total of lemme get out my calculator $97.75.  Wowzers!  Don’t tell the husband, ladies…


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  1. Jami F. January 21, 2014 at 4:04 pm #

    Sarah, your little boy is adorable! And you’re blog is so inspiring! My hubby and I live in the North, hate winter and fell in love with Charleston two years ago when we were there. I’m working on getting him to move there also. Good for you for making it happen!

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