We Want More, We Want MORE!

22 Jun

I’m obsessed with those AT&T commercials.  You know.  The ones with the guy chatting it up with for-real kids saying awesome kid things.


My gateway drug was this gem… “We want MORE!”

Well, now Max is a fan of “more” too!

While I’m no sign language aficionado or expert or anything, I have dabbled in it.  ::ahem – college made me::  On and off I have attempted to teach Max a few signs.  If teaching my little man a sign here and there decreases some of his frustration (kid can be impatient like WOAH), then it’s worth it!

Until just a week or so ago, Max wasn’t feeling it.  All of a sudden, the “more” sign has caught on.  Now, Max is ALL ABOUT signing “more.”  He knocked my socks flip flops off the other day when he signed “more” on the beach to communicate that he was hungry.  No “more” does not mean “hungry,” but he signs “more” mostly when he wants more food…so Mama got the message.  I was so proud!  My next goal?  Getting him to sign “all done” (instead of just angrily signing “more” – haha).

Cutest little stinker, signing at just shy of 11 months.  Look at that form!

Realize, I know that I prompted him (for the video’s sake).  But by his last meal of the day — he’s less “sign showoff” and more “hand it over, Ma-geesh!”


Kid’s a genius :)

Check in again this week to see the only other thing of which Max feels the need to ask “more.”  It’s local news related.  And it ain’t that pretty news lady on Live 5.  That’s who Dada wants some “more” of!





p.s. My favorite sign has always been “turtle.”  Look it up.  Adorable!  


High Temperature: 80° 


2 Responses to “We Want More, We Want MORE!”

  1. Mom June 22, 2013 at 8:27 pm #

    So adorable…I saw you sneak in carrots! Did he eat them? Love that very busy little guy!

    • Sarah June 23, 2013 at 9:13 am #

      Yes, he eats the carrots. Not his fav–but he’ll have them mixed in!

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