Another Weekend of Fun!

4 Feb

The Dominys visited from NY two weekends ago, with 1 year old Ethan in tow! They first visited (minus the munchkin) over 4th of July.  I hope they continue to visit everyone 6 months…if not even more often!!!  Check out our shenanigans!

We started Saturday morning at Folly Beach.  Last time they visited, we graced Isle of Palms and Sullivan’s Island – so we wanted them to see another local beach.  It was quite windy and not as warm as forecasted, but much warmer than NY!

This handsome boy has definitely gotten the hang of that whole walking thing!

Next we stumbled upon closed down Center Street for the Taste of Folly 2012 event.  We just hung out for a few minutes and listened to the band.  Ethan was mesmerized!

Next we went to Chick-fil-A for the Dominy family’s VERY FIRST CFA experience.  It was a success!  The cow was out to play and he was a wee bit creepy, though.  Ethan wasn’t feeling him and neither were we.  Would you?!  Not when he nudges his snout into people and lingers uncomfortably longer than he should!


Next we went to Angel Oak!

We attempted to go to the Firefly Vodka Distillery and Irvin-House Vineyards afterwards.  Well, we did go there but they were closed (apparently for the entire month of January).  Frustrating!!!  Wadmalaw Island is far out there! Oh well…

We headed home at this point to unwind and relax before our dinner reservations.

My parents babysat Ethan (great practice, Mom and Dad!) while the 4 of us went downtown to 82 Queen for Charleston Restaurant Week.  Scott and I had never been there before, so we were hoping it would deliver.  IT SOOOO DID!  Here are some pics from their Facebook…

We were close to a half hour early, but they seated us anyway.  We sat out in the courtyard where we were covered and cozy (they had heaters pumping – just enough).  It was incredibly romantic!  Our waiter was so witty and awesome. During our dinner, a thunderstorm rolled in.  We stayed completely dry being outside, but inside.  It was awesome!  The romance scale was officially tipped. Those poor waiters, though – they got SOAKED!  Christina and I had the jambalaya, Scott had the frogmore stew, and Mike had the meatloaf.  We took our time eating and did not feel rushed in the least.  The food, the ambience, and the wait staff were all amazing.  Scott and I can’t wait to go back!

82 Queen on Urbanspoon

Next, we went to Coleman Public House for a night capper (aka – more water for me!).

Sunday, we went to the aquarium as our big outing.  One of the largest exhibits for toddlers was closed for renovations, so I was pretty disappointed (the admission is expensive!).  Either way, I think Ethan enjoyed it.  His favorite part?  Cruising up and down the stairs, of course!

That night, we watched the Giants kick some 9ers booty and ate some yummy/totally-bad-for-you food.


♥ A weekend of perfection ♥

Thanks for coming – Christina, Mike, and Ethan.  We love you guys!!!






Beach Count: 66   

High Temperature: 65°  


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  1. Christina D February 4, 2012 at 6:44 pm #

    Thanks for being such great hosts and letting Ethan’s toys take over your house! ;) Hope to be back very soon!!! Love you guys!

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