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18 Sep

A $20 gift certificate to Et Cetera Gourmet Food Shoppe had been burning a hole in my pocket stuff basket since early this year.  What is wrong with us?  We usually jump on FREE opportunities like [insert funny jump analogy here - anyone?]!

We went to Daniel Island last weekend to check out the much talked about Red Balloon Yard Sale.  Um, that was kind of a bust.  Anyway, afterwards we finally made it to Et Cetera!  Here’s a picture of the inside “borrowed” from their website.

As the name suggests, this store offers many gourmet food and gift options including candy, cheese, bread, homemade raviolis, gelato, jewelry, and more. We went there for an early lunch at around 11ish.  We could’ve chosen from either their breakfast or lunch menu.  After about 45 minutes of me looking over the menu (seriously – ask Scott, he’ll tell you that it felt that long!), I chose the open-faced tuna melt.  C’mon – I’m a Libra and as indecisive as they come!  Scott asked for a fancy BLT.  Somehow he ended up with a turkey sandwich.  After one bite, he didn’t want to let anyone know of the mistake!  My sandwich was a little bit dry, but maybe I use way too much mayonnaise on my tuna at home.  Either way, the flavors were delish and I ate most of it!

We sat outside…it was another gorgeous Charleston day!

What?  It’s a big ice cream – course I took a picture!

We couldn’t resist these mini glass bottles of Diet Coke – too cute!

The dressing on the side salad was too yummy!

Overall, the prices were moderate (while our price of FREE was perfect!) but the service and variety of gourmet choices were wonderful.  Really – the employees there were very charming!  We needed to spend a couple more dollars to use the whole gift certificate.  The guy behind the counter suggested buying a loaf of bread (already frozen) to put in the freezer.  Done!

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Who else is in shock that the weekend’s already over?  How the heck does that happen SO FAST?!



p.s. Emmy’s and football tonight…the Giants need to redeem themselves during Monday Night Football!

p.s.s. My newly chosen fav. college team won yesterday, though – GO GAMECOCKS!




Beach Count: 61  

Pool Count: 18 

High Temperature: 72°



3 Responses to “Et Cetera”

  1. Brooke @ Veggie Table September 19, 2011 at 4:05 pm #

    I absolutely love reading your blog for three main reasons (there are plenty more):
    1) you crack me up!
    2) my husband and I honeymooned in Charleston and I’m so in love with that city! I love seeing all your pictures and when we visit again, I’ll know exactly where to eat and what beach to go to
    3) spunky

    • Sarah September 19, 2011 at 7:19 pm #

      Umm, I’m blushing! Especially because I follow your blog and you are making moves up in there! Haha (congrats, btw)!

      Charleston wants you and your husband to come back for a visit soon!!! =)

      • Brooke @ Veggie Table September 20, 2011 at 12:58 pm #

        Haha, you so crazy! I’m so glad you following my veggie head blog (thank you for the congrats!!!)

        Yes, Forrest and I definitely have plans to visit again – hopefully sooner and later! So jealous you get to live there every single day!!! Ahhh!

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