Shark Week Wrap-Up

8 Aug

This year was the first time that I actually paid any attention to the buzz that surrounds Shark Week.  It never really caught my eye or sounded of any interest to me in the past.  But since we now live by the ocean and frequent floating in it, I figured I’d better educate myself.

Bad. idea.

I watched bits and pieces of a few shows.  Frightening!  My favorite was the episode narrated by Craig Ferguson, the self-proclaimed 3rd best late night TV show host.  Haha.  He lightened up the shark-y mood!  Otherwise, the rest of the programming scared me speechless (yes, this is hard to do!).

After getting a little worked up due to some unnecessary learning, we went to Sullivan’s Island.  Long story short(ish) → A father was yelling at his son not to go too deep into the water because of sharks.  Yes, he was yelling “sharks” at the beach (which is kinda like yelling “bomb” on a plane to me, but who am I?).  The father continues to explain to his son that a bartender from NY at Taco Mamacita said that Sullivan’s Island has had the most shark sightings of all of the local beaches.  (We know that bartender – Hi Jackie!)  I went to lay on my towel at this point while my fish of a husband stayed in the water much longer.  When Scott finally joined me back on the beach, he tells me that the guy fishing right near the young boy (note: right where we were swimming) just caught a 2 foot shark.  Really?  REALLY?  I don’t care if he was only 2 feet…it was 2 feet too long.  Yeah, I was done with swimming that day.

Do you think that sharks have some sort of meeting prior to Shark Week to make sure their teeth are all on the same page?  If so, I think it goes a little somethin’ like this…

“Alright, listen.  Those stupid humans put alotta focus and air time on us this coming week, we CANNOT disappoint.  Go big or go home.  Put in your fins and say it with me – ‘Shark Week.’  BREAK!”

Oy – I have an active imagination, huh.

Moving on!

The best part of Shark Week was going to the South Carolina Aquarium in downtown Charleston for a viewing of Jaws on the lawn.  First of all, this event was free (minus a few dollars for parking).  All were encouraged to bring chairs/blankets, but no coolers.  Luckily, food and drink were for sale.  $3 beers, $2 sodas, $1 waters; $2 hot dogs, $1 popcorn, and cheap nachos, too.  Seriously – the prices were generous!  They were giving away sunglasses, I ♥ Shark pins (I couldn’t get my hands on one!), providing shark facts, and walking around with shark teeth.  It was very cute.  Oh, and we got free Shark Week koozies.  Score!

Truth be told, I had never seen all of Jaws before.  I’m glad I finally have!

We had a great time!  Especially when the blow-up screen slowly collapsed a few times.  It made the movie that much more dramatic…the lightening going on in the far distance added to the drama!

Ahh, Shark Week.  It was fun while it lasted, no?  Anyone get really sucked in?!



p.s. I must face the facts – I’m back to work this week.  Hmph.  One last beach hurrah of the “summer” tomorrow, if the weather cooperates.

p.s.s. Did you know that each year there are only 3 reported shark injuries in the U.S. versus the startling and just-plain-weird 60,000 reported toilet injuries?  Yeah – chew on that!




Beach Count: 56

Pool Count: 18

High Temperature: 95° 


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