4 Weeks and Randomness

4 Aug

Spunky…and a little romance ♥

Stop looking at my little girl like that, ya sicko!  Haha!

Spunky is as healthy as ever; fanning out like the best of ‘em.  She has a few fronds tucked in to her lil hiney.  Don’t worry, dear.  Your father has plans to get up on a ladder and get you all situated.  (We don’t want those fronds to die!) There was a day and half of straight rain (which is unusual) last week.  This Charleston freak of nature helped out Spunky and our lawn around her…thank goodness.


Holy Randomness -

- We’ve already been back to Trader Joe’s.  8:30 at night is the way to go!  We’re pretty much obsessed with everything we’ve bought from there so far.  The Fruit Bars ($1.99 for 4) are a freaking slam dunk!

- My cry count during The Bachelorette 3 HOUR finale on Monday night was 5.  I am so happy for Ashley and JP!!!  Cry count during Nick and Vanessa’s Dream Wedding?  4.  Teen Mom this week?  1.  Yes, I find time to leave the house.  AND YES, I’m a loser…

- We hit Social for a date night on Tuesday (best happy hour in town!) and then did some walking around the Battery.  A blog about this with pics to come!

- We also went to Sullivan’s Island this week and learned that Shark Week is no joke.  Details to come on that, too…waaaaait for it!  ;)

- Along the Shark Week lines, we are going to a viewing of Jaws on the lawn at the South Carolina Aquarium in downtown Charleston tonight.  SO excited!

That’s only the tip of the iceberg.  I seriously need to blog everyday!!!  ;)

Happy Thursday!



p.s. Lunch today with the coolest blogger in town (literally!), Christina.  Yay!

p.s.s. Life is GOOD!  =)




Beach Count: 55

Pool Count: 18

High Temperature: 95° 


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  1. christina August 4, 2011 at 4:56 pm #

    I cry during Teen Mom sometimes too. I love that show and just realized I forgot to watch the last episode. I would like to say that I could watch it on my computer tonight, but I am too busy reading about vampires. Omg. Who’s the loser now?? Maybe both of us…have fun tonight!!

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